A healthy lifestyle is the key to curb diabetes


Today is World Health Day. Today is the day when we spread awareness and take pledges to lead a healthy life. But why dedicate just this one day out of the 365 days of the year to the importance of health and well-being? Let’s make healthy living a part of our lifestyle, and defeat the various ailments lingering around us. We’ve put together for you some simple lifestyle practices that would help you deal with diabetes, one of the most widespread diseases in today’s age. And we hope, when we meet you same day next year, you would still be following these.

Check what you eat to beat diabetes

Be careful about- what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. All these factors have a direct effect on your blood sugar. The right way is to eat only as much as your body needs. Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Choose lean meat and non-fat dairy over foods with high fat and sugar content. Also, watch out your carb intake as carbohydrates ultimately convert into sugar in your body. Stay away from binge eating. If you are overweight, try to shed away at least 5-10% of your current weight, and we promise your pancreas will thank you!


Go and get moving!

Exercise helps you lose weight by building muscle and burning calories. Make it a point to exercise 20-25 minutes at least 3-5 times a week. You don’t really have to join a gym or do cross-training. Just do simple stretching and strengthening that makes you sweat and breathe a little harder. You may accumulate your daily exercise quota in bouts of 10 minutes each. Run up a flight of stairs, hop out for lunch, or take your dog for a walk. Just find activities that you really love. Having an active lifestyle is all that counts.


Mindfulness Matters

Stress and anxiousness can play havoc with your blood sugar levels. When you are stressed out, you may forget to workout, eat right, or take your prescribed medication. Practice the art of mindfulness to find relief from stress. Turn one routine activity into a mindfulness exercise. Be present to the sensations of water while in the shower, or the tastes in your mouth while brushing your teeth. Practice yoga and meditation, and indulge in hobbies that relax you. Begin with 10 minutes of mindful breathing session every day, expanding this to 35-40 minutes over time.


Quit Smoking

Smoking and diabetes is a dangerous mix. If you have diabetes and you smoke, you are at an increased risk of premature death. With diabetes, your chances of having other health problems like heart diseases, kidney ailments, stroke, eye diseases, nerve damage etc. also increase. And if you smoke, you have an even greater chance of getting these problems. So do whatever it takes, and stop smoking.


Watch your alcohol

Drinking alcohol can make your blood sugar levels go either too high or either too low. So, if you choose to drink, better not overdo it. Some drinks may even be higher on carbs, which you need to take into account while counting your carbs.


Bringing about these small changes in your lifestyle could be your big step towards keeping a check on the rising tide of diabetes. So this World Health Day, while the world addresses the diabetes challenge, let us resolve to lead a healthier life for our own sake.

Build A Bewitching Backyard In Budget

“A backyard is half of your plants and half of your perspective.”

-Ram Manohar, Gardener.

A backyard is nothing but a cluster of trees, good enough for half an hour of peace. But just with a little bit of imagination and creativity, your backyard could be your private retreat after a tiring day, a play zone for your kids, an adventurous space for your pet, a place for small get-togethers, and much much more. Apply the ideas we have for you today in your backyard and whether it be a fun filled evening or a quiet peaceful day, you will have a safe haven for both! (more…)

Making Earth Hour Worthwhile

Isn’t it a blessing when small things yield large results? Like an hour of darkness yielding a bright future or a quick five-minute read of this blog resulting in a fun hour-in-the-dark. So, while the world may end up before problems like the perfect salt-pepper combination find a solution, let’s make sure global warming is not the reason for it.

By pledging your support for Earth Hour organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), you can do your bit for the Planet. By switching off your lights between 8.30 to 9.30 pm tonight, you would be able to do your share for mother earth.

And just to make sure you don’t forget, take the pledge in support of Earth Hour here.

To make it easier for you to stick to this unbreakable pledge, here are some cool ideas that you can apply to make sure your hour in the dark is a walk in the park. (more…)


We are those people who party at everything from birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, job, salary to India defeating Pakistan in a cricket encounter. We don’t even need a lavish one! A plate of food and a friend will do. And with such a lifestyle, anyone can guess we are on constant lookout for excuses to party. Well, how about ‘I got to know these amazing party hacks and I wanted to try them out ASAP!’ for an excuse?

Try these simple ideas to enhance your experience if you are a party lover. And try them out one at a time if you are a party freak! (more…)


For a chef who takes pride in his craft; for a chef who has the culinary chops to turn food into fine art; for a chef who has made it his goal to add a Michelin star to his name – the Times Food & Times Nightlife award 2016 was the place to be.

Hailing the best restaurants and eateries across Delhi, the award highlighted the diverse food culture of Delhi and gave us a chance to explore some of the truly innovative in-house recipes of the chosen restaurants.




The word ‘Farzi’ has a number of colourful connotations, but enter Farzi Café and you’ll know that this chic gourmet diner prides itself for creating an illusion with its cuisine.

Farzi has its own unique take on the modern Indian Bistro, which is best described as a gourmet experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance.

Times Food and Nightlife nominated  Farzi as one of Delhi top cafes for its sheer alchemy of flavours it presents its patrons with. Their food is the ultimate gastronomical illusion and this is best represented by the melt-in-your-mouth Rasmalai Tres Leche.  (more…)


Summers are around the corner and nothing beats the heat like a truly chilled out thirst-quencher. And while you may already have several that fit the bill, we’d like to introduce you to a drink that would be your One-Sip-Trip to the heavens.

It’s tart. It’s Sweet. It excites and it soothes. It’s the amazing Mixed Herb Sorbet – the culinary conception of Chef Pankaj at Dramz Whiskey Bar and Lounge. Conveniently located in one of the most beautiful locations of Mehrauli near the Qutub Minar, Dramz is one of its kind Single Malt Whiskey bar & lounges in New Delhi. (more…)