Egg Solves It All

There are a dozen delicious ways of making eggs. But not many people know eggs have as many uses outside the kitchen as they have inside. So, dear homemakers, you are in for a treat because what we have in store today is going to make eggs a favourite of even the purest of vegetarians.

Here are some great non-culinary uses of eggs that are sure to make you a fan. Try them out!


Grooming Tips For The Alpha Male

Gone are the days when a man who indulged in the upkeep of his appearance was looked down upon. The image of the modern man is incomplete without a certain level of grooming. Taking proper care of your hair, skin, beard and attire is of utmost necessity. To help you spruce up, here are a few guy’d-lines which will help elevate your status to that of an alpha male: (more…)

Lemon Is All You Need To Make A Perfect Meal!

Costs a dime but does the work of a million bucks! It’s lemony lemon which can spruce up the taste of just about any boring meal! Check out these mouth-watering dishes that become yummier with a dash of tangy lemon juice.

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

An appetizing way to start your meal and even more, a perfect way to use leftover chicken.  😉

This brightly flavoured chicken soup is popular in Greece where its name, Avgolemono, means “egg-lemon”, referring to two of its staple ingredients. You should definitely try this recipe today!


Lemon Garlic Spaghetti

This lemon garlic is not only super easy to cook but tastes better than the effort you would need to make this dish and gratify your hungry tummy!


Lemon Tart

For those of you whose favourite part of the meal is dessert, this one’s just for you! What’s better? This baby can be made with only 2 ingredients! Check it out here!


So now when life gives you lemons make a full 3-course meal & treat yourself! So to start with, check-out our app for 50% off on citrus fruits.




What’s in the name!

No…. that’s not what you ordered. Right?

Dreaming of a delicious palette filled with delightful deliciacies, but getting served with an entire different cuisine can turn your devoring dream into a nightmare.

Ever wondered, how can two completely different food items have names drastically similar to each other? No, it’s not a case of mispronunciation, but that of mistaken identity. So, to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas while ordering (and getting something completely different) we have identifed some common food items and their correct English names. (more…)

Oatmeal Recipes Worth Getting Out of The Bed For

We all hear this time and again that oatmeal make a healthy and filling breakfast but eating oatmeal in  plain fashion can be pretty boring, especially if you have to start your day with it. So spruce it up and be innovative with breakfast options that doesn’t only taste and look amazing but also add to your culinary feathers! Down below is how you can do that!


Egg-a-thon: 5 Must Try Egg Dishes

A first class source of protein and a highly versatile food, eggs are back in vogue. Only if you thought that there aren’t any more dishes that can be made out of eggs, then think again! Its World Egg Day, folks! So we give you more reasons to love your staple ingredient even more! Here are 5 absolutely scrumptious egg dishes with which you can celebrate this special day. (more…)