Egg Solves It All

There are a dozen delicious ways of making eggs. But not many people know eggs have as many uses outside the kitchen as they have inside. So, dear homemakers, you are in for a treat because what we have in store today is going to make eggs a favourite of even the purest of vegetarians.

Here are some great non-culinary uses of eggs that are sure to make you a fan. Try them out!



Talking of headaches; your tedious work, defiant children, demanding housework and uninvited guests constitute most of it. And God forbid if you ever suffer a real one, all these responsibilities go unchecked. Fortunately, there are only two things you need to care about to ensure you don’t crack under pressure – time management and healthy food.

Yes, we know if you had one, you would comfortably ensure the other. But the question remains that in an age where being on-the-go is the success mantra, how to stop and care even for your health? How to find time for healthy fruits and vegetables in a world where chhole-bhature are readily available everywhere. We have the answer here. (more…)

Five Fantastic Tea Bag Hacks

For most of us, tea bags are just a lazy man’s way to a quick cup of chai. A little dip, hot water, milk and sugar and you’re good to go. While this isn’t how any self-respecting chai connoisseur would ever dream of brewing their tea, the always on-the-go bachelor swears by his stock of Taj Mahal tea-bags. And with several flavors readily available in the market, there’s little reason to question why.

However there are a number of cool hacks which can put used tea-bags to use. Read through them once and you won’t be dumping your bags in the garbage bin again. (more…)

DIY Face Masks

The secret to great skin is constant up keep. Frequent visits to the spa can burn a hole in your pocket and difficult to fit in your schedule but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on skin care. You can give your skin the spa at home without having to use professional beauty products. You’d be surprised to know that a number of things that you find lying around in your kitchen can do wonders for your skin. Here are some great DIY face masks that you can use to pamper your skin. (more…)

Hair Spas at Home to end all Hair Woes!

Our hair goes through so much of pollution and stress on a daily basis. The weather also plays a significant role in wreaking havoc on our hair. As a result of the daily grind and hectic lifestyle, our hair often becomes unmanageable, frizzy, prone to dandruff or plain brittle.

Are you one of those who have a bad hair day just about every other day and you wish to breathe life into those dull locks? Wondering how you can make your tresses lustrous, bouncy and healthy at home without having to go to the salon?

Then read on to find out amazing hair spa techniques you can try at home and turn your mane into a happy one again! (more…)

5 Nail Shapes for You to Choose From

Nails are made of keratin, a hardened protein; the same composition that hair is made up of. Nails are just another part of our body which can be enhanced to look beautiful. There’s nothing like a manicure at the salon if you wish to pamper yourself in a quick and cheap way.

The shape of nails has been largely influenced by the runway trends or following the styles of popular celebrities.  Well-groomed nails are always worthy of flaunting and it is just another way of expressing your personal style. There are various ways in which nails can be shaped. Here are five ways from which you can choose how to shape your nails next time you visit a salon or decide to shape them yourself:

1) Round Nails: Women who want a fuss-free and durable nail shape can opt for this one. It is the most ideal style of shaping nails. You can keep them short and forget worrying about regular maintenance. Nails shaped in this style are extremely durable and are not easy to chip or tear hence this style is also for those who have weak and brittle nails.round

2) Sharp Corner Square Nails: This style is extremely trendy and looks best on long and thin fingers.  It is a powerful nail shape as it draws attention toward the hands and it is an ideal shape for the French manicure. The advantage of this nail shape is that provides a good space for nail paint and nail jewellery. However, the negative aspect about it is that sharp corners of the nail can get stuck in clothing and the nail is more to getting chipped and wearing out.Sharp COrner Square

3) Square Oval Nails: This shape is another take on the French manicure style sharp corner nails. Also known as the Squaoval, this nail shape is a much softer look than the latter. It is ideal for those women who have longer nail beds. It is less prone to the daily wear and tear hence more durable than the sharp corner square nail shape.Sqaure Oval

4) Stiletto Nail Shape:  Just like the stiletto heel, this is long, pointy as well as sexy. It has been trending nowadays as celebrities like Beyonce, Fergie and Rihanna have been sporting them at various events. Lady Gaga has also been seen in a fiercer version of this nail shape. It helps give an illusion of longer fingers. This style is quite difficult to maintain and chores like typing can be a task to carry out.stiletto-nail-tips

5) Almond: This is another version of the Stiletto nail shape. It has been inspired by the 1950s as celebs at that time shaped their nails in this fashion. All you have to do is file them on the sides and make the tips look pointy. The negative aspect about this nail shape is that it makes the nails very fragile and restricts their growth.Almond

So then next time you go to the salon to get a manicure done, keep in mind these popular nail shapes and get the one which suits your personality and accentuates the beauty of your fingers!

6 Tips For Growing Your Beard Faster

The “manly man” sports the beard, so did the kings and the leader of the tribe.

 The grungy look is totally “in” these days and even you wish to don that grubby avatar. But what pulls you down from becoming the trendsetter is the idea that your beard isn’t growing fast!

 There can be multiple reasons that can hinder the growth of your much-loved facial hair like stress, hormones or a bad diet. If you wish to sport an unkempt, grubby and bushy beard, then follow these simple tips and be the “macho man!” (more…)