Our Story

The story of PepperTap is the typical Bollywood stereotype, and our co-founders believe there’s a “Eureka” moment with every individual at least once in life. Ideas may be easy to come by, but it’s the execution that differentiates a good startup from the others. Operating from a 200 sq. ft. office initially, we have come a long way. 28th of November 2014, was when we launched our operations and surprisingly got our first customer the same day. The over-whelming feeling of having delivered on our promises and customer’s support since then has made us bolder and made us better by the day. So much so, that today we can call ourselves “The fastest on-demand grocery delivery platform in India” with pride.

Our pilot project in Gurgaon has emboldened us to go further and cover other parts of Delhi NCR as well. If our customers show us enough appreciation we would want to serve them in every city in India. That may well be a dream that we’d want to accomplish, but mainly because we want to give you the best experience in online shopping in the least possible time.

We go through continuous stages of optimization, whether it is on the mobile app, website or on our operational skills. The team works really hard to provide service that doesn’t make you sweat for it and when we hit the bed for the next action packed day, we feel content inside for having done a great job!

9 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. The scope is immense. Sky is the limit. Make sure that the farmer is rewarded. Ensure Quality and Value to the ultimate customer. With increasing scale of operations, develop the necessary logistics infrastructure that will minimise wastage and through your platform , India will grow leap frog far ahead. This is the real service economy. Good Luck.


  2. Using PepperTap from last couple of months now.
    Excellent service and very nice quality of vegetables & fruits.
    Though have one suggestion, that they do provide the carry bag(non-plastic of peppertap) but the individual items inside that are all packed in plastic bags. Knowing the harm each single plastic bag does to the environment, the team must come up with some mechanism that remove or at least substantially minimize the use of it.
    Wont mind if I have to return the carry bag in the next order to support the cause, but we must say NO TO PLASTIC BAG.


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