Egg Solves It All

There are a dozen delicious ways of making eggs. But not many people know eggs have as many uses outside the kitchen as they have inside. So, dear homemakers, you are in for a treat because what we have in store today is going to make eggs a favourite of even the purest of vegetarians.

Here are some great non-culinary uses of eggs that are sure to make you a fan. Try them out!

Shiny Skin

 If you just imagined yourself with a glistening skin under the sun, we appreciate your love for Twilight movies. However, eggs can also is cure itchy skin and skin irritations. What you need to do is drop an eggshell into a small container of apple cider vinegar and let it soak for a couple of days. There! It’s ready to be dabbed on your skin!

2 Shiny


 While you are caring for your skin, why not care for the hair too? To create egg shampoo, crack an egg and mix the yolk with olive oil, lemon juice and water. You can start using the solution once it lathers.

3 Shampoo

First aid

While you are caring for your skin and hair, why not heal your wounds too? The thin membrane of a hard-boiled egg has wound-healing nutrients. So ban bandage for all your cuts because egg is the egg-urate answer!

Broken Egg Shell

Unclog the Drains

If your favourite verse is ‘Drain, drain, go away! Clog again another day’ we have the perfect solution for you! Always keep a few ground eggshells in kitchen sink strainer. They trap additional solids and when they slowly break down, they help to naturally clean pipes on their way out.

5 Drain.jpg

Feed birds

Put crushed egg shells in a dish for the birds. They are especially good for female birds preparing to lay eggs! So give eggs, if you want them to give eggs.

6 Birds.jpg

These are some of the egg-ceptional uses of eggs. Hopefully, now you do know that be it eggitarians or vegetarians, eaters or users – eggs have uses according to the need of everyone. Those eggs kept in your fridge are not only a food of infinite variety and subtle goodness, but much more than that. So wait no more, and get them quickly, here.

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