Build A Bewitching Backyard In Budget

“A backyard is half of your plants and half of your perspective.”

-Ram Manohar, Gardener.

A backyard is nothing but a cluster of trees, good enough for half an hour of peace. But just with a little bit of imagination and creativity, your backyard could be your private retreat after a tiring day, a play zone for your kids, an adventurous space for your pet, a place for small get-togethers, and much much more. Apply the ideas we have for you today in your backyard and whether it be a fun filled evening or a quiet peaceful day, you will have a safe haven for both!

Glow-in-the-dark pebbles

 Stepping outdoors is all it takes to find pebbles in India. Collect them, spray some glow-in-the-dark paint over them and spread them around your garden. Why? Because an illuminated garden is the perfect sadness anti-dote.

1 pebbles.jpg

Bury those pots

Flowers look good in pots. Flowers look better on ground. Flowers look the best in pots buried in ground. So go get your shovel, mate!

2 Bury.jpg

Add some mirrors

 Place them on trees, on the wall, on anything but the ground. It’s truly a sight to see all that greenery being reflected everywhere.

3 Mirror

Swing away

  • Take a rope.
  • Chop off the legs of an old forgotten chair.
  • Swing the rope around a tree’s branch. Tie it to the chair. Voila!

4 Swing.JPG

Wine you way

What are wine bottles there for? Wait a minute, that’s for holding wine! Okay, sorry. Take two! What are empty wine bottles there for? Create the path around your garden with inverted wine bottles. What a visual treat!

5 Wine.jpg

Yes, friends, that’s how easy it is! So say bye to your old boring backyard and bring to life this new exciting one! First, 50 owners will get a special mention in Ram Manohar’s personal diary.

The-backyard-transformation-exercise-is-subjected-to-owner-interest. Please-read-the-blog-carefully-before-executing.

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