Making Earth Hour Worthwhile

Isn’t it a blessing when small things yield large results? Like an hour of darkness yielding a bright future or a quick five-minute read of this blog resulting in a fun hour-in-the-dark. So, while the world may end up before problems like the perfect salt-pepper combination find a solution, let’s make sure global warming is not the reason for it.

By pledging your support for Earth Hour organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), you can do your bit for the Planet. By switching off your lights between 8.30 to 9.30 pm tonight, you would be able to do your share for mother earth.

And just to make sure you don’t forget, take the pledge in support of Earth Hour here.

To make it easier for you to stick to this unbreakable pledge, here are some cool ideas that you can apply to make sure your hour in the dark is a walk in the park.

Enjoy the T20 cricket match together

In case you haven’t realized yet, Earth Hour this year is coinciding with the India vs Pakistan T20 cricket match. What all game lovers can do is gather at a friend’s place and cheer for their team together. All Shikhar Dhawan fans have all the more reason to do so, as he is the brand ambassador of the Earth Hour 2016 campaign. So, while you and your bunch of friends are witnessing the match on a single TV screen, you are doing your bit towards saving the earth.


Candlelight Dinner

Trust us, girls find nothing more attractive than saving planet Earth. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated but hey, why do we even have to convince you to use this hour for romance? And besides, we came up with this cool pick up line, ‘I guess our love is what this planet needs to heal.’


Terrace Antakshri

Mind you, that candle-light dinner wouldn’t quite work if you happen to live in a joint family. What then? Bigger the family greater the fun!
Just gather all your relatives and friends and have a round of Antakshri in the terrace.


Walk in the Park

Earth Hour may well be a good excuse to step out of the domestic hustle-bustle. Leave behind the humming mosquitoes, forget a tension or two and just take a stroll in the park. Open up with your siblings, run a little. See off the potato couch that you are and bring out the child in you for just an hour.

Walk in Park


Legend has it that God created darkness after man created hide-and-seek. Not even Romeo and Juliet are as great soul-mates as hide-and-seek and dark. Enjoy with the whole family, if you please. But just make sure that the toddler afraid of the dark is kachi mitti.


Scary stories

‘My roommate was the funniest guy I knew until he died early in an accident and I continued to hear his snores from his bed.’ Ready to make the hearts race? You got the dark, what else are you hoping for? Gather around and share the scariest ones you know.


Be free to try out these ideas 8:30-9:30 pm this Saturday. Switch off all your electronic devices for an hour and win a chance to live life Stone Age style! Do it as your duty or do it for fun. Just do your bit for nature because that’s what nurtures you.

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