We are those people who party at everything from birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, job, salary to India defeating Pakistan in a cricket encounter. We don’t even need a lavish one! A plate of food and a friend will do. And with such a lifestyle, anyone can guess we are on constant lookout for excuses to party. Well, how about ‘I got to know these amazing party hacks and I wanted to try them out ASAP!’ for an excuse?

Try these simple ideas to enhance your experience if you are a party lover. And try them out one at a time if you are a party freak!

Eyes through Ice

Once your guests see these transparent ice cubes, they’d know that you’ve literally raised ‘the bar’. And it’s as simple as boiling water – literally!

1 Ice

Save thy alcohol

For the friend who has nightmares of drinking non-alcoholic drinks and probably mixes it even in his cup of tea. Coat the rim of his glass with alcohol and make all his drinks taste a lot stronger! Save booze, save money!

2 Glass rims.jpg

Cunning corn on the cob

Need to cook corn on the cob in large quantities? Well, a beverage cooler may come in handy. Throw in the corns, pour a bucket full of boiling water, close the lid and wait for half an hour for the magic to happen.

3 Corn.jpg

Turn up the music

Need a louder music system and have nothing but a phone? Put it in a cup or glass and that’s all you need.

4 Sound.jpg

Light up the balloons

Blow up balloons after putting a glow stick in them. When it gets dark, the neon glow will take your party to a whole new level.

 5 Balloon.jpg

Drink the neon-glow

Did you know, you can make any drink glow under black lights by adding a bit of tonic water to it. You didn’t? Well, you’re welcome!

6 Tonic

Cooling with Paper

An out of the blue need to cool something quick? Make it a child’s play. Just wrap the bottle or item in a wet paper towel and let it stand in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

7 Cool (1).jpg

Simple and effective! These are the little additions to your precious party that make a world of difference. We understand that being a host it’s not just a matter of fun, but of pride too. So go the smart way and party like a rockstar!

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