Talking of headaches; your tedious work, defiant children, demanding housework and uninvited guests constitute most of it. And God forbid if you ever suffer a real one, all these responsibilities go unchecked. Fortunately, there are only two things you need to care about to ensure you don’t crack under pressure – time management and healthy food.

Yes, we know if you had one, you would comfortably ensure the other. But the question remains that in an age where being on-the-go is the success mantra, how to stop and care even for your health? How to find time for healthy fruits and vegetables in a world where chhole-bhature are readily available everywhere. We have the answer here.

Check out these easy steps to reintroduce the nutrients in your diet without chucking out a big slice of your timetable for it.

Swap the Snacks

Biscuits and chips – the 24×7 munchies. You just can’t pass them without disturbing the packets, can you? Now, swap these useless snacks for something better. Maybe a whole apple or an orange is too large for a busy person, but a fistful of grapes or cherries can be grabbed every now and then. And oven-bake your own chips instead of buying them. It’ll lower the fat content and increase your options. Don’t just stick to potatoes – go bananas!


Increase the Veggies

Keep sliced vegetables ready – cut them at night or whenever you have time. Soups and sandwiches are easy dishes to make. Increase their nutrient quantity by stuffing them with veggies. Onions, capsicums, beans, carrots, mushrooms, peas – pour it all in your soup. Stuff your sandwiches with tomato and cucumber instead of tuna. There won’t be any compromise on the taste, but your soup will be overflowing with health.


Fresh, Frozen and Canned

The choice always perplexes a customer. But the truth is, frozen and canned foods are a busy man’s greatest convenience. They don’t lack in nutrients – in fact, frozen foods retain their vitamins for a long time. So choose as the situation demands. Don’t shy away from canned and frozen foods. They will always be far better than the junk you end up consuming.


Salads and Juices

Make it a habit to not let a meal be completely deprived of fruits and vegetables. Introduce them in any way possible. The best options are salads and juices. Have chicken wings for lunch? Cut up some beetroot, cucumber and radishes for salad. Had a deep-fried meal at street-side? Gulp down juice to at least offer the body something good.


No matter how busy you’re, you can still eat healthy. The best part: you don’t need to break the bank on expensive, high-fangled diets. As long as you follow the tips shared above, you’ll know exactly what to fill your plate with and what to stay away from.

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