For a chef who takes pride in his craft; for a chef who has the culinary chops to turn food into fine art; for a chef who has made it his goal to add a Michelin star to his name – the Times Food & Times Nightlife award 2016 was the place to be.

Hailing the best restaurants and eateries across Delhi, the award highlighted the diverse food culture of Delhi and gave us a chance to explore some of the truly innovative in-house recipes of the chosen restaurants.


While scouring the list, we were especially fascinated by the House Salad of Guppy By Ai, a restaurant in Lodhi Colony nominated under ‘Best Japanese’ category. As for salad lovers, this particular salad is a one-way trip to heaven. Just follow the recipe to the T and give your tastebuds the treat of a lifetime.

To prepare this gem of a dish, you’d need a variety of ingredients. However, if you live in and around Delhi, you can order all of them with a single tap on Pepper Tap.

Participate in the Meet the Chef Contest

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GUPPY HOUSE SALAD (Serving for 4)

Although the salad will be tasty enough to calm your irritated son for his multiple trips to the market, avoid them and gather everything you will need beforehand. Here they are:


  • Carrot                                          2
  • Radish                                         2
  • Lebanese Cucumber              2
  • Broccoli (cut into florets)      1 cup
  • Beetroot                                     1
  • Bambo Shoots (sliced)           50gram
  • Palm Heart (cut into roundels) ½ cup
  • Asparagus (sliced)                 6
  • Flax Seed                                  1tbspn

How would you feel if you were reading a long ingredient list and felt relieved when at last it came to an end, but then we reminded you of the stuff needed for dressing? We’ll get to the procedure as soon as you have these items ready too. Because as long as you are making an acclaimed dish, why not make it perfect?


  • White Miso                          3tbspn
  • Japanese Mustard            4tbspn
  • Rice Vinegar                       2tbspn
  • Salt To Taste
  • Pepper Powder To Taste
  • Sugar                                    1tbspn
  • Mirin                                     1tbspn
  • Water                                    1tbspn
  • Salad Oil                               ½ Cup

That’s it! Congratulations, you are already halfway there. Now it’s only the arrangement of all these ingredients that remains to give you a finger-licking house salad. We’ll begin with the easy part now. Here’s how to prepare the dressing.


  • Mix water & mustard. Add mirin, sugar & rice vinegar. As the mustard mixes completely, add miso & blend well. While whisking, slowly pour in the oil & let it blend in the mixture. Check & adjust the seasoning.

Ready for the last part of the journey? Turn on the music, close the kitchen door, pull up your sleeves and let’s dive into the ingredients to make the salad.

  • Add broccoli, asparagus and bamboo shoot to boiling water for 30 seconds.
  • Take it out with a mesh strainer and immediately refresh it in ice water.

Now get ready for some hard work. Think of it as the climax of your journey to the land of the house salad. And this is the huge battle before the happy ending. Ahoy!

  • Thinly slice half of the cucumber, beetroot, carrot & radish with a mandolin or peeler. Roll & shape slices like a flower petal. Slice rest half into matchstick shape. Shake it in ice chilled water to crisp it up & to hold the shape.
  • Drain & pat dry all the vegetables. Add all the vegetables in a mixing bowl except palm heart. Season lightly with salt & pepper. Add dressing & toss well. Add palm heart & drizzle little more dressing on top.
  • Arrange nicely on a salad bowl & garnish with flax seed. Tada! Serve chilled.


No one ever wonders while devouring this delicious dish how much effort goes into preparing it – and that, in a way, is a chef’s true happiness. However, now that you are acquainted with the chef’s recipe, you are free to try out.

Although we will recommend you to skip the arduous process and enjoy the result straight away at Guppy by Ai. A lively atmosphere and beautiful interior (or exterior, if you choose to sit in the courtyard) awaits to compliment your dining experience. And the best part: You can have a lot more than the delicious house salad!

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