Make Your Own Perfumes – Yes, You Read It Right!

You may have worn your littlest black dress, killer heels and lipstick that screams ‘goddess’. But there’s one last thing that you need before you can kick start your night. And that is your favourite fragrance. The kind of fragrance you choose can say a lot about you. Some people love light, citrusy smells while others prefer darker, muskier scents. But finding the right fragrance can be tough, especially when your only options are chemical based, store-bought brands.

Well, guess what? Making your own all-natural fragrances is super easy. So why store brands when you have the choice of putting your favourite smells together to create your own special brand of fragrance.

Here are the things you will require to make your own perfume:

– A small, clean spray bottle to hold your perfume. Choose a darker bottle so to protect your perfume from the sunlight.


– A bottle of pure vanilla oil or extract.

– Your favourite essential oils. You can use individual fragrances or blend a few together to create a unique scent that screams ‘You’.

Now here’s the really easy part. Fill about ¾ of your spray bottle with the vanilla extract. Then slowly add your essential oils to it, a few drops at a time. Add the drops until you reach a scent composition you love. Screw the top back on the bottle and shake it well. That’s it.You now have your very own signature smell!


If you need some fragrance inspirations, here are a few combos to try out:

  • Vanilla, cinnamon and lavender for comforting, yet spicy scent
  • Mix citrusy essence like lemon or orange with peppermint for a refreshing scent
  • Try rosemary and geranium for a uplifting mix of scents
  • A concoction of jasmine or rose and patchouli can be quite a romantic fragrance

shutterstock_273710822 (1)

You don’t have to stop at making fragrances for yourself. Homemade scents make for great gifts too. So whip up a special fragrance that reminds you of your mother or best friend and gift them their own signature scent.

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