Detergent Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Soak. Rinse. Wash. Dry – every Indian mother knows this mantra by heart. In her quest to ensure that her family gets a 10/10 in the cleanliness department, she’s aided by her favourite detergent.So here are five things detergents can do in addition to getting the dirt out of clothes. Share these with your mom and she’ll love you for it:

Get rid of moss and weeds

A beautiful garden can really add to the beauty of a house. However, ensuring that the garden remains free of moss and weed can be quite a labor intensive affair. One easy way of doing this is sprinkling a cup or two detergent of over these garden pests. Within a couple of days, they would turn brown and die (no manual uprooting needed).

1 weed

Clean an Oil Spill

Cleaning up oil spills – old or new – is a tough task. Although products addressing this specific problem are available in the market, why turn to them when you have detergent at home? Simply pour some detergent on the stain and follow it with some water. Leave it overnight and wipe off the mixture the next morning.

2 oil stain

Remove Grease and Paint

Tried your hand at a DIY home project and ended up with grease and paint all over yourself? Ordinary soaps won’t do zilch. They just don’t have the cleaning prowess to get rid of stains as stubborn as these. Instead, mix a teaspoon of detergent with some cooking oil (preferably mustard or coconut oil) and give yourself a vigorous rub. The detergent will remove the stains while the oil will protect your skin from its harshness.

3 grease

Clear a blocked drain

Trust your detergent to unclog drains blocked by months of kitchen waste passing through them. It’s simple and fast. Pour 1/4 cup of liquid laundry detergent into the drain and wait for a few minutes as it loosens up the clogged waste. Then, start pouring boiling water which would force the mess down, leaving you with a clean unclogged drain.

4 drain

Chase Away Bugs

Bugs are not too fond of the way detergent smells and you can use this to your advantage! Prepare a solution of 10 grams of detergent in 5 litres of water. Spray it on the floor and cracks in your house to keep the bugs out. Spraying it on the underside of leaves will also keep pests away from the plants.


There you go! Five great detergent hacks you can tell your mother about. This useful knowledge that she can put to good use. However, since you shared the hacks, don’t be surprised if she expects you to make friends with the family detergent and do your bit in helping her out. Good luck!

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