Five Fantastic Tea Bag Hacks

For most of us, tea bags are just a lazy man’s way to a quick cup of chai. A little dip, hot water, milk and sugar and you’re good to go. While this isn’t how any self-respecting chai connoisseur would ever dream of brewing their tea, the always on-the-go bachelor swears by his stock of Taj Mahal tea-bags. And with several flavors readily available in the market, there’s little reason to question why.

However there are a number of cool hacks which can put used tea-bags to use. Read through them once and you won’t be dumping your bags in the garbage bin again.

Rust-proof cookware

Make your iron cookware rust-free by wiping it with a damp used black tea bag. How, you may ask? Tannins present in tea coats the iron surface with a protective layer which prevents oxidation. No oxidation = No rust = No worries.

1 Rust

Kick out those pesky pests

Ever seen either Tom or Jerry drink tea? Well, they never did. Maybe because mice aren’t too fond of the way tea smells. So place used tea bags in cupboards, pantries and other places that you don’t want to rent out to pests.

2 Mouse

Saturate the bags with peppermint oil to deter other creepy crawlers like spiders and ants as well.

Treat Sunburn

Victim of sunburn? Simply put a few wet tea bags on the affected area for an immediate cooling relief. The polyphenols and tannin acid in tea heals the burn and takes out the sting. If the sunburn is too widespread, put some tea bags in your bathtub and just soak it all in.

3 sunburn

Other minor burns too can be treated this way (teapot, steam iron, razor burn).

Oral Health

Is your bad breath getting in the way of human interaction? Bad breath is caused by bacteria below the tongue and between the teeth. Rinsing with strong brewed green or black tea can stop the growth of bacteria. Use two or more tea bags to make a cup of tea, let it cool to room temperature and rinse after each meal.

4 badbreath.jpg

Relieve Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be caused by a bunch of reasons, which only your dentist can pinpoint. But the pain and the discomfort can be temporarily but very effectively relieved with the use of tea bags. Apply a wet tea bag to the spot to relieve the pain. Tannins (that savior, again!) constrict blood vessels, which stops the bleeding. Tea will also form a protective layer over gum tissue and prevent infections.

5 Wet Tea

Perhaps a used tea bag is even more useful than an unused one. So the next time you are done with a tea bag, don’t throw it away. Because it’s capable of so much more than simply waking you up in the morning.

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