Two-toned Ombre lips- The Valentine’s Look

Want the perfect pout to enchant your valentine? Boring solid lip-colour not your thing? Give you lips the Kylie Jenner makeover without any crazy contraptions. Follow this step by step tutorial for gorgeous two-toned lips.

Assemble the following things to get started:

  • Lip balm
  • Foundation
  • Salmon coloured lipstick
  • Red lipstick
  • Pink lip gloss

To begin with, prep up your lips with lip balm and gently rub to remove any dead skin to ensure an even finish while applying the other layers.


Add a layer of neutral foundation to your lips, the one that you usually use for your face, so that the vibrant colours pop.


Outline your pecker with the darker red lip colour and gradually fill in and fade out the colour towards the centre.


Use the lighter Salmon lip colour to fill in the centre and give it a gradual blend into the darker shade.


Dab the centre with the pink lip gloss to add a bright sheen to your lips.


The two-toned Ombre lip colour routine makes your lips look fuller and gives you a pout worth flaunting. You can also try this with any other combination of lip colours for similar effect.

Well then, anyone up for a close up insta selfie? 😛

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