Grooming Tips For The Alpha Male

Gone are the days when a man who indulged in the upkeep of his appearance was looked down upon. The image of the modern man is incomplete without a certain level of grooming. Taking proper care of your hair, skin, beard and attire is of utmost necessity. To help you spruce up, here are a few guy’d-lines which will help elevate your status to that of an alpha male:

  • Become a regular at the salon-

From haircuts to skin care, the experts at the salon do it the best. Don’t hesitate to explore and let your stylist take the wheel. Try to follow the stylist’s advice and keep your visits to the salon at least once in three weeks. Keep a check on your hair and ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand (literally!).

Grooming tips_1 (1)

  • Find the right products for yourself-

Grooming products for men have greatly evolved in the past couple of years. Men have a lot to choose from these days and finding the right product could seem like a daunting task. Consult your stylist and choose the right product for your hair and skin care needs.


  • Invest in a good perfume-

Body odour and cheap perfumes are huge turn-offs. A good perfume is one which is subtle and becomes a part of your overall presence. Instead of buying a number of cheap perfumes it is advisable to invest in two classic scents. A woody or spicy scent works best for the winter and a light and citrusy scent suits the summer.

3160186124_95821e429d_o (1)

  • Buff up your smile-

There’s nothing more charming than a dazzling smile. Keep your pearly whites in good shape by following a strict oral hygiene routine. Brush at least twice daily and don’t forget dental floss and mouthwash. Carry breath mints or chewing gum with you at all times and eat them after each meal to prevent bad breath (and try as much to keep the onions and garlic at bay).


  • Dress to impress-

The most dramatic way in which you can improve your style is to make sure that you wear clothes that fit well. Usually, men tend to wear clothes that are a size or two too big for them, avoid this by ensuring that everything you wear almost hugs your body shape, without being tight. Complete your ensemble with three good pairs of footwear, oxfords or wing-tips for formal wear, boat shoes or espadrilles for the casual look and sneakers or training shoes for when you hit the gym.


Follow the above points and we can guarantee you’ll be able to see the difference in the way people look at you. These basic grooming tips are sure to transform you from a hobo to a hunk.

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