Lemon Is All You Need To Make A Perfect Meal!

Costs a dime but does the work of a million bucks! It’s lemony lemon which can spruce up the taste of just about any boring meal! Check out these mouth-watering dishes that become yummier with a dash of tangy lemon juice.

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

An appetizing way to start your meal and even more, a perfect way to use leftover chicken.  😉

This brightly flavoured chicken soup is popular in Greece where its name, Avgolemono, means “egg-lemon”, referring to two of its staple ingredients. You should definitely try this recipe today!


Lemon Garlic Spaghetti

This lemon garlic is not only super easy to cook but tastes better than the effort you would need to make this dish and gratify your hungry tummy!


Lemon Tart

For those of you whose favourite part of the meal is dessert, this one’s just for you! What’s better? This baby can be made with only 2 ingredients! Check it out here!


So now when life gives you lemons make a full 3-course meal & treat yourself! So to start with, check-out our app for 50% off on citrus fruits.




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