Life Hack: Grocery Planner for a Quick Checkout

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who love grocery shopping and those don’t. But the fact remains that whether you love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore this (almost) daily ritual! It is a kind of task that you don’t really notice until it disrupts your life.  Haven’t we’ve all experienced that Sunday morning when we wake up planning to spend a lazy day at home, only to realise that you’re out of milk and bread, and probably cereal too?

Grocery shopping can often be chaotic and time-consuming. But a little bit of preparation and planning can go a long way in ensuring that your shopping is easy, quick and within your budget too. One great tip of course, is to switch to online shopping. Not having to drag yourself out of the house, run through a huge store looking for things and then carry those heavy bags home is such a plus. And getting everything you need with a single click fits perfectly into your idea of lazy Sunday, doesn’t it?. 

So here are a few tried and tested tips to help make groceries shopping easy:

Plan your meals: It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Simply jot down meal suggestions for the week, taking into account breakfasts and school lunches too. Planning ahead for the week will not only make it easier to shop, but also ensure that you don’t have to run around last minute wondering what to cook. Put together a plan that is a mix of old favourite and one of two new recipes that you would like to try out on a Friday night.

Layer 2

P.S. Remember to take leftovers into account too.


Make a list: Now that you know what you need for the next week, making a shopping list becomes super easy. Note down everything you need, taking into consideration all the things you already have in stock. It helps to have a list pinned on the fridge at all times so that you can write down an item you’ve run out of before you forget about it. Making a list will ensure that you don’t forget anything and that you don’t end up buying unnecessary products too.


Have a budget: Most of us don’t really think twice while paying for essentials like groceries. But allocating an amount every month for groceries will help you organise your finances better and put a check on unnecessary spending. Sometimes just having a rough budget in mind will help you shop smarter and better.


Shop during weekends/non-peak: Choose a time to do your grocery shopping when you have enough time to plan ahead and won’t be in a rush. You tend to forget stuff and stress more when in a hurry. If you go to a store, then plan to shop at odd hours like early mornings or afternoons to avoid the crowd. If you shop online then spend the weekend to plan, buy and have your groceries delivered at home.

PepperTap Shoot (150)

 Stock up during sales: Keep an eye out for great deals and stock up on items you can store for longer like detergent or spices. It cuts down on the cost and helps shorten your list the next time.


And that’s how you can avoid impulse buying, traffic jams & long queues. Taddaa!! Follow the steps above & then even you will say. “Ab grocery shopping #BahutAasaanHai” 😉

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