What’s in the name!

No…. that’s not what you ordered. Right?

Dreaming of a delicious palette filled with delightful deliciacies, but getting served with an entire different cuisine can turn your devoring dream into a nightmare.

Ever wondered, how can two completely different food items have names drastically similar to each other? No, it’s not a case of mispronunciation, but that of mistaken identity. So, to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas while ordering (and getting something completely different) we have identifed some common food items and their correct English names.

Macaroons and Macarons

 Both are cookies and both are sweet, but they are still “o” apart from each other!


While both are a treat for your taste buds, Macarons look like highly decorated, colourful cream filled cookies. They are made using egg whites, almond paste and granulated sugar. Macaroons, on the other hand, are puffy, flaky and have slightly tipped spikes. They are also filled with a deliciously creamy coconut filling that makes them popular with people of all ages.We know you would like to have them both, but make sure you get the right one this time 😉

Baking Soda & Baking Powder

Belonging from the genesis of baking family, they both are used for different purposes.


While Baking soda makes baked goodies rise and gives it the lovely sponginess; baking powder on the other hand, is baking soda with cornstarch and weak acid which lessens the need of any acidic component in the recipe. In a recipe, Baking soda needs acid and baking powder has that acid. See, didn’t we just make science easier for you! 😉

 Chips & Chips


When we hear “chips,” we think of Lays or Pringles, the wafer-thin potatoes spiced and flavored to make our taste buds tingle. Furthermore, the unforgettable salty goodness captivates our senses & forces us to finish the entire pack in a jiffy, as no one can eat just one, isn’t it?

Now all that wafer thin stuff is actually ‘French fries’ in the UK. Their favorite dish ‘Fish and Chips’ certainly doesn’t come with a side of Lays but thick, fried potato wedges.  So what we call chips are actually called crisps in English, because technically they are err… crispy! 

 Raw Sugar & Brown Sugar :

Between “raw” and “brown” all sugar grew up.


 Brown sugar though has a hallmark of being a natural product, but  raw sugar is actually less processed of the two. Raw sugar is the result of an early stage of refining sugar cane and can be identified by its golden crystals. So you see, it’s all a sugary affair!

Eggs – Brown & White


The only difference between brown and white eggs is that you might know as a matter of fact that brown eggs are more expensive than the white ones.

The reason behind their colour (and price) is that brown eggs not only contain more omega-3 fatty acids than white eggs but also the hen which lays brown eggs has a BIG appetite too! (Healthier the appetite, healthier the egg)

So, the next time you’re picking up a batch of eggs for breakfast make sure you’re more concerned about the quality of the chicken that it comes from rather than it’s colour (because that’s racist you know!).

 And  you were wondering what’s in the name? Now that you know the name tales, here you go – four food group items with names almost similar to each other. Now that you know the difference you will never be embarrassed by a ‘know it all’ friend who just loves to show off. Show ‘em who’s the boss!

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