To Chai or to Coffee – The Undying Debate

The two sides, chai lovers and coffee mongers are known to never see eye to eye when it comes to the battle of taste. We’re not taking any sides here, to us the aroma of coffee beans and a well-made masala chai are both exquisite.

Being bang in the middle of a confused winter season, we’re bringing you an insight to which one really does the trick.


“Tea – the religion of art of life”

While we can imagine a lot of nodding heads! Tea dates all the way back to the 3rd century AD. Tea happens to be very good for us (tasty too!) and comes in different variations with its own detail for each type.


That’s a little too much information to remember for one cup of tea, is it?

Being a forerunner in the taste section, variations of teas differ from preference to preference. In India we like our tea steeped in milk and spices whereas connoisseurs of tea claim that skipping the milk is a good idea because even a little splash will reduce the active antioxidants. So something to keep in mind there!

Internationally 78% of tea is consumed black!

Teas in general are amazing to drink but which ones do what exactly is something that doesn’t have to be complicated.


Studies show that Green tea actually reduces risk of Cancer in women by 60% (That’s not bad at all!)

So brew away some happiness in a cup and take a timeout from life! Breathe in the aroma of your steaming cup of tea!



 Just like Tea, Coffee lovers swear by the quentiessential taste and fragnance of this wonder drink. This drink hasn’t been around as much as its successor but has it made magnanimous effect on the world. Globally 400 billion cups of coffee is consumed every single day! (Yup, Garfield included!)


We have our own twists to flavour when it comes to coffee too.


People who drink more coffee have been found to be less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Maybe that’s why coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world beaten only by oil (That makes a LOT of perky people!)


“A yawn is a silent plea for coffee”

Our conclusion – Nothing in excess and try everything once, the 2016 mantra!

So fret no more and get that coffee brewin’! Sip in zest!

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