Heart and Tummy Warming Soups to Binge on this Winter!

Think Winters. Think a steaming hot bowl of soup. It’s literally the best pick that can warm your body and comfort your soul on the coldest nights. Yes, caffeinated cups of coffee and tea always help but when you seek instant nourishment along with warmth, nothing comes close to soup.

So to help you beat the winter chill, here’s a short, spicy and lip smacking list of soups that you should definitely try:


Considered the national dish of Vietnam – Pho is bound to make your taste buds tingle with appreciation. This gastronomical masterpiece combines flat rice noodles with a heavily flavored broth that can be made either with chicken, mutton or even pork. Added to this are bean sprouts, mint and basil for an even deeper flavor profile.

You can easily find most of the ingredients in your kitchen like ginger, cloves, star anise and cinnamon. Rice noodles can be procured from from an Asian market or be  substituted with regular noodles. Just make a rich broth by adding spices, chicken stock and your choice of meat and add the noodles to it and let it boil for a little longer.

shutterstock_158371706 (1)

Tortellini Soup

Tortellini is one of Italy’s most loved dumplings and a popular member of their pasta family.  Tortellini like most dumplings can be extremely versatile and can be filled with your choice of meats, veggies and cheese. For vegans, Tofu or cottage cheese (paneer) can be effective substitutes. The broth is a rich tomato soup combined with chicken or mutton stock. You can further spice up the dish with by adding chunks of quality Italian sausage.

shutterstock_162788324 (1)


One of the most popular soups of the North East, Thukpa originated in Tibet but is equally popular in Nepal. It is prepared using Bhasta – a type of small noodles. Commonly made using Mutton or Yak meat, it’s vegetarian version is made using mushrooms and a variety of veggies which can be just as delicious.

shutterstock_163063700 (1)

Ramen Soup

Traditional Ramen soup is of course ‘the made from scratch’ version of the popular Soupy Noodles available in India. So if you’re looking for a cool shortcut to add some extra flavor profile and make your soup supper more nutritious, you can consider adding some chicken stock to it and further enhancing the taste with a variety of filling ingredients like shrimp, mutton, eggs, greens, paneer, bean sprouts and so much more.

shutterstock_204240154 (1)

The soups we have shared are loved all over the world. But we know for a fact that there are many more varieties that can be added to the menu. Feel free to use the comments box to share your favorite soup or if you have a secret soupy recipe do share the same with us. Spread the flavors. Spread the warmth.

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