Theme to Rock Any Party!

Be it throwing a party or going to one, we all want a happening and extremely fun party. A party we will remember and maybe would also want to take points from later. Don’t you know too well what a deal breaker a boring party is?!

So we compiled a list of themes you can totally rock and own your party like a boss!

Recession Hit Theme

Everybody dresses in outfits that are less that a meagre amount, for a very good example sake – Less than 1000. Try this on for size!

 Seven Deadly Sins Theme

While we know what to steer clear off, help others see it clearly by dressing up as your favourite (Ironical!) deadly sin! Also, label rooms or corners of the house as the sin centre. Keep snacks in the gluttony room, deck of cards and some poker chips at the greed corner. Get the idea?

DIY Graffiti Theme

Guests wear a white tee/ shirt and come with fabric markers/ paints. Everyone writes something nice (or not!) on each other.

 Tetris is back!

Everybody comes up dressed as a shape and you spend the night rearranging! (OCD alert!)


Wizard party

Shout out to all closet and not so closet Harry Potter fans who always wanted to wear that robe with a wand in hand to enter your make believe Hogwarts. If you’re already excited about reading and picturing that (we know we are), then this one is so YOU!

Try out these off-beat amazing themes for a party that everybody will be talking about for a while, well at least till the colours don’t fade off your graffiti shirt!

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