Cook Up a Healthy Breakfast With These Awesome Products!

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

Hey there! How do you start your day? With a cup of hot coffee and biscuits or a usual parantha and butter meal? Whether you are a breakfast-in-bed person or a lazy cook, skipping breakfast or grabbing a bite size in hurry, isn’t something that is healthy.

Today, we give you a few products which are nutritious, yummy and most importantly extremely diverse as an ingredient to cook lip-smackin’ dishes! Check them out-

Quacker Oats:  Oats are rich in dietary fibre and help in lowering bad cholesterol. If you thought that a steaming bowl of plain oatmeal along with milk is the only way to eat oats, then you got to think again! Oats can be used to cook appetizers, salads, soups, drinks and smoothies.


Quaker Oats Chana Buns: This recipe is a great balance of taste , health and an altogether different take on oats. Cook chickpeas with onion, ginger and garlic. Then add spinach, tomatoes, oats and a good surge of spices-what a delightful mouthful to bite from a hot grilled bun!


Tropicana Juice: Juices are a great accompaniment with a variety of foods and when in hurry, a glass of fresh juice can give you a good amount of energy for heading off to work. If you want to add a bit of an extravagant touch to the juice, take a look at this amazing smoothie recipe below!


Pomegranate Berry Smoothie: A quick and easy recipe to enjoy at home or pack up and sip on the run, Pomegranate Berry Smoothie is incredibly filling too! Just add Tropicana Pomegranate juice, yogurt and mixed frozen berries to a blender and blend! Blend! Blend! You’re good to go!


Bread: Bread and butter as they say, is just about everyone’s favourite. This staple food can be cooked in a number of ways to create exciting, new dishes. Chatapati Dahiwala Bread is one of the most unique dishes you can make from bread.


Chatpata Dahiwala Bread: An exciting desi creation with bread, cubes of bread coated with tangy curd masala are seasoned and sautéed till brown and crisp. Garnish with coriander and enjoy every mouthful of this appetizing dish!


Eggs: Who doesn’t like eggs? They are quick to cook, easily available and yummy! We bet you’ve never had this amazing soup ever before.


Avgolemono (Greek  Lemon Egg Soup): Serve this classic Mediterranean soup as a starter or spoon a little more into each bowl to make it into a wholesome meal. This soup is ideal for winters, cooks under ten minutes and tastes even better with croutons!


Now you can shop these and all your breakfast necessities simply on a tap with our new “The Good Morning Store”. Bahut Aasaan Hai!

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