Christmas Cake Recipes

Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is all about the happiness, surprises, sharing, food and spreading the Christmassy cheer all around.

We don’t always get what we want for Christmas, right? But we do promise that the cakes listed out here will meet more than just your expectations. Take a look at these yummylicious picks and make the best of these joyous tidings!

Simple Snowflake: This simple snowflake design cake is great for every Christmas party. Glitter snowflakes add to the classy factor of this cake and make it even more appealing to the eye.


Gingerbread Cheesecake: This cute cake is packed with flavour and full of amazing ingredients like nutmeg, ginger, cream cheese and lemon zest.  Top it with Honey Gingerbread cookies and enjoy the delectable taste!


Berry Bonanza Cake: Berry love bug !! And it’s even better, when it’s about raspberries! Easy-to-pipe icing vines and leaves bring the glories of the garden inside. Everyone will enjoy the tart taste of raspberries on vines on the border as well as the filling in between the layers. This looks so pretty! *sparkle eyes!*


Mary Berry’s Victorian Christmas Cake: The queen of cakes, shows how you can light up a traditional Christmas cake the easy way! This luxury cake is loaded with crunchy dried fruits and nuts. To add a hint of different taste, you can also brush a wee bit of jam over the fruit cake to use it as glaze.


Mini Christmas Cakes: What’s Christmas without a rum cake? These miniature cakes are perfect for the festival as they fit the bill and bake quicker than the other Christmas cakes. If you don’t wish to add Rum or Brandy, you can supplement it with orange juice instead. The lovely icing along with the cherry and holly leaves give out the best season’s greetings.


We hope these amazing recipes make your day and brighten the cheer! PepperTap wishes you a Merry Christmas!!

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