Recipe Ideas With Coke Zero

Be it a family gathering, a good time with friends, a childhood memory or a game day, Coca Cola has been part of it all. It has not only become a special part of people’s lives, but is almost like ‘a must have’!

We know that you love to sip on that glass of Coke but hey, we bet you didn’t know that you can cook “awesomeness” quite literally with Coke Zero as one of the ingredients!

Any meal is incomplete without a drink to complement it with, so here we three amazing drink recipes which you can make with Coke Zero and treat yourself!

Wondering how? Then check it out here!

Coke Brownie: Wait, did someone just say brownies? If that’s your reaction whenever you hear the word “brownies”, then this one’s just for you! This recipe includes only two ingredients- Coke and a box of brownie mix! Just substitute Coke instead of oil in the brownie mix and voila! You have heavenly brownies for yourself!

The Cherry Cola: Heady mixture mix of Cherries, grenadine and cola. For people who prefer it sweet, this could very soon become your go to drink. 3/4th Coke Zero, 2 tablespoons Grenadine and cherries and ice to give the garnishing twist.
Cherry Cola

Coke Chinese Chicken Wings: A very popular dish in Vietnam and Thailand, this dish is absolutely appetizing! Trust us; it makes for the most perfect chicken wings recipe ever! You could even add dry chillies to this recipe to make it a tad bit spicy.
Chicken WingsSource

Skinny Coke Zero Float: Coke Zero, Grenadine, a scoop of cherry vanilla frozen yogurt and cherries will rock your world. With these, add first the Coke and Grenadine well with ice, then add a scoop of yogurt and the cherries. A fancier version of Coke float!
Skinny coke

Coke Chicken Spaghetti: All you have to do is boil the spaghetti and transfer it in a pot with coke zero, cooked chicken, garlic, salt and black pepper. Then add the red sauce and enjoy! Yes, enjoying a sumptuous meal to curb all your hunger pangs is that easy!


Spaghetti with Currywurst Sauce


Mrs Almost Hendricks: This one is called so because the original recipe has Hendricks gin in it, but this one is sans Gin but all the rest. Pour Coke Zero, squeeze and drop the same lime piece into the drink along with cucumber slices. Dunk them all together and give it a nice shake in a cocktail shaker. Pour out and enjoy.

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