A Year in Pictures & Tweets

We toyed and toiled. We visualised and executed. We planned and faltered. We did it all. This is how we rolled in the last one year and what an amazing ride it was! Here’s PepperTap’s first year in pictures & tweets.

This is where it all started.


After some random domain searches

Domain Search

A lot of hard work

peppertap fun

And some fun


We had our foot prints at the right place


Gurgaon embraced us with all the love 

Food, Humor & Cricket was part of our work culture

…so was Pink Floyd


Bundled with load sharing across teams. #Startuplife


And just when summer arrived

It was time to scale up!

Expanding to more cities

Winning more hearts

Sometimes we went overboard with all the excitement

But we knew, we’re headed in the right direction

We were excited

To amaze our customers

To reach new milestones 

And go higher 


and maybe watch some movies while doing that 

Not only did we make grocery ordering convenient

made it fun

We made it fun

and easy…

Our superheros always strived to give their best 

Supporting the ones in need 

working together to create M.A.G.I.C

Restless, Energetic & all grown up.


We’re now ONE! 🙂



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