Are you a Compulsive Cleaner? Here’s the Checklist.

Do you remember Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and her famous dialogue “Not just clean, Monica Clean”, that made us laugh our hearts out? Yeah, everytime she came on the screen with her cleaning idée fixe it never failed to tickle our funny bones. Well, there are many others out in the oyster of the cleaning world who cannot control their urges of cleaning by seeing even a minuscule dust. Well, compulsive cleaning is characterized with having an extreme obsession with cleanliness, order and a bad temper.



So, to find out your chances of being or not in this zone, check out these 5 signs now.

Charging phone @ 99.9% battery
Well, it takes all kinds to make a world and one such kind are lazy people. They don’t feel like getting up from their comfy beds and couches, even if their phone runs out of battery completely. And then there are the proud phone owners who start sweating and keep their phone on charging even if one or two bars are lost.


No…. You don’t open a bottle that way
Possessing good etiquettes is a thing of honor, but overdoing with them becomes a bit unusual. Now, if we talk about your habit of opening a bottle capthat too anti-clockwise & not clockwise dude,it’s time to get some deep thinking.


From smaller to bigger, all the keys are in line
Though keeping a record of all your keys is a smart way to keep yourself sorted from any kind of complications and struggle to find them again and again. But, placing them in the key chain by size, utility and in their respective key-rings shout out loud, because it’s you.

Mag key

Sigh….. Finally everything is clean
It’s a basic habit to sweep and clean your house. But, not missing out even a point of dust is maybe overdoing it just a tad bit. It’s like your daily routine starts with cleaning floor, wiping off the bathroom before and after the bath, placing all your shoes in order in the shoerack and every attire in your wardrobe is perfectly matched with its better half. To put it simply, cleanliness and order is a religion to you.


Every drop is yours
When you spend money on a certain thing, then you deserve it to use it till the end. However, you can be the one who sucks the life out of every shampoo sachet, ketchup bottle and other things and believe that not even a single drop of it should go waste and unused. Really?


So, these were some of the tell-tales that an compulsive cleaner faces every day. But, this time Peppertap has something special for you. And it’s 10% off on all the cleaning products.

Yes, you heard it right. Don’t wait anymore, just go for it, like you do everytime!



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