Italian Meal: 7 Foodie Mistakes Not To Make

Who does not know about Italy? A beautiful country that holds an incredible beauty and serene landscapes on the earth that can charm and mesmerize anyone. You are lucky to have had a chance to explore the beauty and luxury of Italy. However, if you are yet to go on a tour in the wonderland that is Italy, then you should know how fond of food they are. In fact not just food, Italians are also quite particular about their food-etiquettes! So, if you missed these small points while having an Italian meal, then you are most likely to get frowned upon. And you would not want that. Right? To help you save your face in such a condition we are listing these 7 things you must keep in mind when you are ready to taste an Italian meal and that too in Italy:

Breakfast? Re-consider: Being in Italy and assuming that you’re well versed about their food etiquettes is a mistake that most of the people make. Italians do not start their day with a plate-full breakfast! They do it with coffee. So, you should not ask your server to provide you the first meal with eggs and sandwiches!


Forget tap water: To ensure you, yes, water in Italy is safe. But, Italians do not trust drinking tap water while having a meal (we guess it has to do something with the purity of the palate). So, it’ll be wise to not ask for tap water with your meal; you could instead ask for bottled mineral water while having food. To pretend like a know-all-about-Italy, you should ask for sparkling, or frizzante (which means ‘slightly effervescent’). In fact, the tap water in Italy contains a lot of calcium and to avoid many possible diseases the people there replace it with mineral water.


Coffee with a meal? Bad idea! In restaurants we frequently visit, the server will bring you whatever you want within the menu and you gotta love India for this! However, you will not find the same in Italian restaurants.They are very moving about the food science. They believe that coffee is usually an agent of digestion and it really is. Therefore, try to not ask for coffee alongside your lunch or dinner. You will be looked at very strangely or even refused.


Asking for olive oil or vinegar: Do you really need that? Think before you ask for it in Italy. They provide you with the most delectable of pasta sauces for your bread! You don’t need vinegar or oil for that. And do not think of eating your bread before everything else; Italians use bread as a companion to your food that you need not to finish before your dinner! Think of it as a companion for your main food item instead of ‘eat till you get your food’ item.


Expecting the waiter to deliver you bill: Take it as a luxury! Generally, as soon as a waiter sees your dish empty, there comes the bill. But not in Italy. They think it is rude to ask their customers for the bill. And we’re good with that! You can enjoy sitting around, finish your wine or ask for coffee once your meal is over. When you are done, just call the waiter or give a hand signal. One needs to understand when in Italy, this is a land of people who not just love their food but are driven by it.

Eating on the go: When in Italy, forget about the typical Indian way of munching on the go. In Italy, people look down upon those who eat on the buses, metro or while doing anything else. Their philosophy is – enjoy the dinner as long as you can (and it lasts up to 3 hours!) but avoid eating while doing other things.image (1)

Remember these etiquette once you are set to explore Italy. You will be served best if you act best. The moment you do something unusual ‘to them’, you might be the recipient of weird looks! So why sour your travelling spirit. Like they say – When in Italy, do as an Italian does!

Bon appétit!

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