5 Best DIY gifts for this Christmas

A gift says so much! Be it someone’s birthday or anniversary or the last holiday season of the year – Christmas, getting a memorable gift makes one feel really good. December is here and you must be planning some gifts for your friends. For a gift to be special, it does not need to be expensive. You just have to give it ‘that’ special touch. What about doing it yourself this Xmas? We will share some awesome DIY gift ideas for your friends this winter.

Here are six beautiful DIY gifts that you can make yourself and give your dear ones a chance to enjoy the holidays with fun and food! Don’t worry about items you need or time you spend. These are as simple as 1 2 3 and done!

A Jar full of cookies: Have a friend with a sweet tooth? What about gifting a decorated jar with cookies? Add some decorations to your jar and fill it with cookies. Wrap a ribbon around the jar and stick a beautiful message. You are ready with a beautiful handmade gift!

full of cookies

The Die Hard Chocolate Lover’s Gift: Don’t worry if you did not have time to buy gifts for your friends. You just need a beautiful looking cup, few pieces of marshmallows and your go-to-choco-mix. You can make it beautiful by further decorating it.Chocolate gifts

For the Baking Prodigy: Got a friend who is busy ALWAYS with their tiny baking tools and colorful recipe books? Preparing all things nice and holy on this Earth? ? Surprise your dear friend (bless their soul!) this Christmas with a beautiful cupcake decorating kit. All you got to do is get a beautiful gift box and fill it with necessary items. Tie with a red ribbon and write a line to your buddy!
Imagine the goodies your friend can bake you with it!! 😛
baking prodigyLink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i8i9PFCABo

The wine lover (hic-hic!): Winter means mulled wine for some people. Mulled wine is wine (mostly red) mixed with spices like cardamom, clove ad such), makes it more flavourirful than usual and so so warm. Make it special by adding some spices in a beautiful red pocket. You can tag a happy Xmas card on the bottle neck as well!
wine lover

Candy and Coca-cola for the Kids: If you think pleasing a kid is simple, it’s not! To make it work on the holiday, you need some of your kid’s favourite candies and a cola can. Remember to make the box as decorative as possible; after all, it’s for your kid! Tag a sweet message card – you can add ‘Merry Christmas with sweet love’ or anything cutely sweet.
Candy and coca-cola

We hope these ideas will save your time and some of your pocket!

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