Corn Recipe Ideas We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of!

Corn is a low-calorie way to add flavour and a bit of crunch to your every day meals. The high fibre content aids digestion, helps control blood sugar levels and even provide important antioxidants to the body which help in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Grill it, steam it or eat in on the cob: there is nothing that beats the freshness of corns! So here we have a list of corn recipe ideas handpicked by us, especially for you. Take a look-

Honey Chicken Skewers with Grilled Corn Salad: How about sweet glazed chicken skewers, along with freshly grilled corn to infuse the salad with a roasted, smoky flavour? Sounds tempting? Indeed, it is.


Corn & Potato Kebab: You can’t afford to give this one a miss. A real tongue thriller that is not oily and totally healthy because it’s grilled! Can be used as a starter or a snack, this recipe will certainly be a hit at your party!


Corn & Coconut Pudding: What? A dessert with corns? You read that right! A traditional Dominican pudding, the unexpected and delicious interplay between corn and tropical coconut will leave you swooning for more!


Charred Corn & Tomato Salsa: This recipe is super easy and equally appetizing. Tangy and spicy salsa can be eaten with crispy tortilla chips, as a stuffing for a taco or use a spoonful to dress up fish. Perfect snack for hungry souls!


Corn Salad with Feta & Walnuts: We bet if you ever tasted this salad, you’ll become its true fan! This outstanding salad-made with fresh corn kernels, toasted nuts, crumbled feta and sliced jalapenos; hits all the right notes- sweet, salty, spicy and crunchy.


Corn Muffins: These simple but delicious muffins can easily be dressed up using jalapenos, honey or assorted fruits.  Very easy to make, it only take a few ingredients like flour, buttermilk, oil, eggs, sugar, salt and cornmeal.


Corn Cheese Balls: Corn unites with cheese to become a yummy and flavourful appetizer! Cheese lovers, this one is just for you! It also contains a surprise element: Schezwan chutney. Serve with green capsicum juliennes and fresh coriander and enjoy the delectable taste!


Go ahead, try them out and give this much-underrated food the king of taste!


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