Different Dips You Can Try With Nachos

An entertaining match of football needs a great accompaniment and what can do the trick better than a plate of nachos with a yummy dip? Whether you are hosting a party, a game day celebration or just want to cook an interesting  appetizer for  your family, nachos along with dips are the number one on the list!

Nachos can be given a surprising twist, thanks to a variety of dips that you can make to treat your friends and family! Take a look at 7 different dips you can try to get your nachos game on point, always!

Creamy Red Pepper Cashew Dip: This recipe is entirely whole, oil and gluten free. All you got to do is toss the ingredients in a blender and surprise yourself with a yummy dip in less than 10 minutes! Creamy, almost cheesy, most importantly, it’s darn tasty! Best pick for last minute company.healthy-raw-vegan-nacho-dip

Green Chilli Sweet Corn Queso Dip: For real-deal cheese lovers only, this sweet and fresh flavour goes well with the roasted green chillies. Just dip in your nacho into this hot, slightly spicy and oh-so-addicting queso to put an end to all those cheese cravings!Queso6

Tzatziki Dip: You can now make the restaurant style Greek recipe at home and you wouldn’t believe how easy it is! Perfect as a sauce or even on its own as a tasty dip, just stir in all the ingredients together until combined and you are good to go! Fresh cucumbers, olive oil, garlic, Greek yogurt, lemon juice and black pepper make up for this tempting dip.Tzatziki-sauce

Black Beans Dip: A great way to make your kids eat beans, this Black Bean dip is loaded with onions, cheddar cheese, coriander and of course the super healthy black beans! This awesome dip will leave you swooning for more!chili-bean-dip-recipe

The Best Nacho Dip Ever: What’s in a name? Well, this one speaks for itself! This attractive layered dip is filled with fresh ingredients like green onions, green bell pepper, mayo, sour cream, cream cheese with a twist of salsa sauce! Be ready for it to get devoured at your party!2922623597_41e37dbf8b

Creamy Avocado Ranch Dip: A unique combination of avocados, cream cheese and sour cream, this creamy blend tastes heavenly with tortilla chips! One bite and trust us, you wouldn’t stop eating!2267394

Vegan Cheese Dip: You wouldn’t believe that even though this recipe’s name includes the word “cheese”, there isn’t any cheese in it! But there surely is a yummy cheesy taste that melts in your mouth! The secret is potatoes, seriously. Try it for yourself and thank us later!vegan-cheese-3-1024x731

Make your game days even more exciting with these appetizing dips along with nachos! We wish you a Happy Nachos Day!

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