Ghee: The Superfood You Had Been Avoiding Since Long

According to ayurvedic tradition, ghee is an important healing food which is loaded with amazing health benefits. A type of clarified butter, ghee is popular due its rich nutritional properties. The butter clarification process helps remove moisture, milk solids and impurities that leave a rich and nutrient dense fat.

It is the foundation of countless healing tonics and foods in ayurvedic medicines and is believed to be the “ojas” or the “fluid of life”, according to old Ayurvedic texts. Ghee is also known to increase and refine intelligence, prevents ageing and promotes longevity. It is helpful in cleansing the body, dissolves the toxins deep within the tissues, and is beneficial for eyes and skin. Need more reasons to get your hands on a pack of ghee? Read on and be surprised!

Absorbs the nutrients in herbs and spices: Indian food is full of ingredients derived from herbs and spices. These ingredients are loaded with nutrients. Ghee facilitates then absorption of these nutrients and sends them to the body parts which require them the most.


Weight Management: Ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid; a type of omega-6 fatty acid which when consumed daily not only aids in weight loss but also protects you from Cancer. This fatty acid helps you build the lean body mass along with reducing body fat which further helps in aiding weight management.


Promotes Flexibility:  A little ghee can be used to prevent all three doshas- vata, pita and kapha. It is said to lubricate the connective tissues and improves the flexibility of the body and also strengthens the digestive fire.


Moisturizes the Skin: Ghee provides great nourishment for the skin and gives it a beautiful glow. Mix a spoon of ghee with water and drink it in the morning to see the results for yourself! You can also apply a bit of ghee under your eyes before you go to bed in order to get rid of those hideous dark circles! Dab a drop of ghee on your lips and say goodbye to chapped and coarse lips.

Laughing woman smile with great teeth.

Boosts Positivity: Ayurveda deems ghee as a “sattvic food” which helps promote positivity, growth and expansion of consciousness.


A high smoke point: The reason why ghee is considered as one of the best mediums to fry or sauté food is that it has a high smoke point(up to 480° F). Butter on the other hand, burns at a lower temperature due to the presence of casein and lactose.


A Great Shelf Life: Its low moisture content makes it ideal for storage even without a refrigerator for 2-3 months in an airtight container. This makes it extremely easy to carry while travelling. If you refrigerate ghee, you can store it for over a year!


Good for Eyes: Ghee is good for the nerves and brain. It helps control eye pressure is beneficial for glaucoma patients.


So don’t cut down on the ghee or steer clear away from those paranthas with oodles of ghee because these benefits will surely outnumber any of its disadvantages!

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