Multi-task with Vaseline!

We all have used the good old Vaseline in some way or the other- to soothe cracked heals or chapped lips but did you know that there are many more ways of using it. This oil based beauty supplement has been around for more than 150 years and you can use the multi-tasking cream for saving time and money! Check out how it can do wonders for you-

Highlighting Cheekbones: You don’t have to spend extra bucks on illuminators any longer! Just dab a bit of Vaseline on your cheeks to get the dewy look, instantly!


Protect Skin While Dyeing Hair: Avoid embarrassing dye patches on the forehead by applying a tiny amount of Vaseline on your hairline prior to dyeing! The dye will stain the jelly not your skin.pic1

 Cuticle Saver: Dry cuticles are so painful. Ouch! In order to soothe and restore skin of its moisture, you might want to dab some on your cuticles.Shiny

Make your Lashes Pop: Running low on your favourite mascara? Brush on a small amount of Vaseline onto your eyelashes to make them pop and appear lush!

xtreme 0848

Settle Flyaways: If you have ever styled your hair using hot tongs or had a bad hair day then you must be well aware of flyaways. Static hair is just so irritating! Slick a small amount of Vaseline on your hair and settle them in a jiffy!pic2

Make your Fragrance Last Longer: Rub a bit of Vaseline on your wrists, behind your ears and neck just before you spray the perfume. Vaseline enhances the moisture levels and helps the perfume to stick around for a longer time.shutterstock_226600018

 Tame Eyebrows: The eyebrows act as a frame to your eyes. Keep them in place all day by slathering a tiny amount of Vaseline on them.20130902-151958

Remove Eye Makeup: Ran out of your makeup remover? Coat your lids with Vaseline then gently swab with a tissue or a cotton ball. Remove eye makeup the easy way!can-use-vaseline-remove-eye-makeup_ea6adea67d358905

Make your Legs Glow: Wondering how the models sport those glossy-bronzed legs? Even you can be the showstopper by mixing Vaseline with some bronzer and smooth it over your

Mess-Free Manicure: Not a pro at applying nail paint? Become one by applying Vaseline on your cuticles just before wearing nail paint. This keeps colour off the skin so you can finish off with a perfect manicure, every time!manicure-diy-step-9

Slide in Earrings: When we don’t wear earrings very often, the piercings tend to become troublesome. Rub Vaseline on your ear lobes and on your earrings first then slide them in painlessly!il_fullxfull.447480671_jde8

Touch up Scuffed Boots: Scuffed leather shoes or purses can be easily given a facelift by applying Vaseline on them. Make them look as good as new!womens-designer-shoes-2012032750

Why buy a range of products when the humble tub of Vaseline can do the trick?

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