Ditch the Oven: No Bake Dessert Ideas

“Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way!”

Being unable to create desserts because you don’t have an oven is just passé! Here we have some awesome no bake recipes which are easy to make and equally delicious to taste!

For most of us, creating desserts is synonymous to following scrupulous baking instructions and using a range of equipments. Trust us, with these no bake ideas creating desserts will be a breeze!

Tiramisu Cheesecake Trifle: Heavenly melt in your mouth chocolate curls along with fluffy cream cheese sweetened condensed milk and espresso powder are the secret to this delicious recipe. What’s better? This beauty comes together in no time!


Pina Colada Fruit Dip: Want to make your favorite fruits taste even better? Try the Pina Colada Dip! Are you all set to experience the exotic flavours of pineapple, coconut, spongy marshmallows and whipped cream cheese all together? Just dip in strawberries, bananas or grapes and fall in love with this dessert!


Strawberry Pretzel Jello Salad: Sweet, salty and a perfect combination of textures, this dessert will woo you with its exquisite flavours! What’s in it? There’s sugar, cream cheese, pretzels, butter and jelly! Your kids will surely love this.


Pressure Cooker Eggless Sponge Cake: Sponge cakes are classic and it gets better when you can bake it in a pressure cooker! This one gives you the freedom to experiment and try out different flavours! You can add tutti-frutti, chocolate or even rum to the basic mixture and treat yourself every day!


Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cups: When chocolate meets raspberry, you have this wonderful dessert which is perfect to uplift any mood! Little chocolate cups filled with fresh raspberry flavoured cream along with gelatin are the main ingredients of this yummy recipe.


Ice Cream Sundae Pie: Talk about pie a la mode- this creamy dessert is an ice cream lover’s dream come true! Caramel sauce, whipped cream, crushed crackers and ice cream in the form of a frozen dessert. Need more reasons to try out this one?


Chocolate Covered Bananas: Your kids too, will definitely go bananas over this dessert! An interesting and easy way to eat the healthy fruit! All you got to do is dip a banana in melted chocolate and sprinkle a few crushed peanuts and almonds on it. Set it in the fridge for some time and voila! Chocolate covered bananas are ready to be relished!


Now there’s no need to skip desserts because these super-awesome dessert ideas are here for your rescue!

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