Get Fuller Lips Instantly!

Kylie Jenner’s full, pouty lips have been the envy of millions and we all want them. Either you’re born with them or you fix an appointment with the harmful fillers. Ouch! They are extremely risky and we all have seen what happens when lip injections go horribly wrong!

So isn’t there an easy way out to sport that plump pout? The good news is, there is- makeup to the rescue!   Makeup can help you to create illusions and hence give you the luscious lips you’ve always wanted!

Read on if you wish to know how you can do the trick with makeup:


Brush off the Dryness: Did you know that dry lips reflect less light? This could be a reason that your lips appear smaller. To get rid of flakes, take an unused toothbrush and brush them lightly in small concentric circles. This will boost blood circulation, making your lips look rosy without


Concealer for a Larger Canvas: Ladies, a concealer not only helps in covering up those raccoon eyes and hideous blemishes but can also be used to make your lips appear fuller! Simply pat concealer onto your lips, spreading it a little over your lip line. This will ensure a smooth application of lipstick.



Dot a Little Lip Gloss: Dab a bit of gloss onto the middle of both your lips. The shimmer of the gloss picks up light and gives an illusion of fullness. You can either use clear gloss or a gloss of the closest colour of your lipstick.



Overdraw your Lip Line: Use a lip liner that matches the colour of your lips and line your lips slightly outside your natural lip line. Fill in your lips with lipstick or you can also use lip liner for the same. Use concealer to hide your lip line for a better look.IMG_1982-Edit


Go Matte: A glossy lipstick can highlight the over-lined lip. We don’t want that, right? So pick a matte lipstick to fill in your


Avoid Dark Hues: If you worry that your lips look thin and wish to plump them up, then ditch the dark colours. These tend to make your lips look flat when they are supposed to be flattering.dark-red-lipstick-for-olive-skin



So try out these tips to get the perfect pucker!



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