Sophisticated Edge: The Eye Liner Story

 Heading out for a get together or a dressy affair with your make up, outfit on point. But you check your fresh radiant reflection in the mirror one last time and all of sudden find something missing …

Your make up needs a boost, a stand out factor and you shudder at the thought of doing it all over again as you don’t have the time because you already exhausted half of travelling time in the perfect blush highlighting your cheekbone (happens to the best of us!) So what now? You can’t go now that you’ve found a flaw in your otherwise perfect get up.

That’s when you add a touch of drama and sophisticated flair. Almost every girl’s 2 minute glam up tool, The Eyeliner.

There’s so much we can do with it, but not everyone knows what exactly and ends up with clumps and weird combinations of designs. The variations with the eye liner can make girl look like a woman of substance with a no nonsense attitude. A dip here and swish there can do the trick like magic. As we don’t really know of all these amazing variations that can be done, we made sure you have it all listed in one place and try these interesting tricks to make heads turn!

Trick # 1

Agreed that the winged style has been around since Mary Quant in the sixties and hence we say tweak it up most as it’s the safest and easiest one to pull off, no matter what eye shape you have.

Sometimes erasing mistakes is easier than trying to nail it the first time. With that said, it’s almost impossible to make a clean line on your eye lid because your hands decide to start a breakdancing routine right at that moment (every time!) So if you mess up the clean line, just dab some Vaseline petroleum jelly on an earbud and swipe the errors right off to create a clean set line. Voila!correct-eyeliner

Trick # 2

The end of the wing of a winged eyeliner pattern can always pose a challenge, for which we have a hack. Ever thought your regular spoon could come handy in a beauty emergency? Well it does. Use the spoon in a way that the depression is on the inside and the bulge on the outside, hold it right next to your eye where you want the wing to end. To explain the use of the spoon, why don’t you think of the spoon as a stencil that’ll help you make a flawless tail to your winged beauty.

*A mild adhesive tape in place of a spoon will also work just the same.maxresdefault

 Trick # 3

A steady hand is always good to have but what when it’s not your steady hand in conversation? Do you let your make up suffer in that case? Absolutely NOT. To make a perfect curvy or straight line (however you want to rock it) just make dots first. It’s easier to do, helps eventually as you’ll just be connecting the dots ending up in a line. Ta-da!!

Though make sure your dots aren’t too big. They should be the same size that you’d like the width of your line to be.


Trick # 4

We all make mistakes and especially while doing up the eye! So the next time you’re at it and mess up a little don’t fret, just have a nude shade eye colour pencil ready to cover up any oops moves.

*If a nude shade eye colour pencil is difficult to get, a concealer with shade closest to your skin tone will work wonders. Just make sure to cover up the areas after you take care of the mess.5b8ac16b5984dd7f5a6103d07fe0b7a6

 Trick # 5

When you’re working during the day and have minutes by the clock to glam up, you end up sweating loads and just plain get hurried. While we can’t assure that doesn’t happen, what we can do is show you how you can do what you have to faster.

Instead of changing up your entire make up, just add some glitter on your eyeliner shade. If you don’t have eye liner on, start drawing!images

So keep the liner on and continue to rock it! Go ahead and try these hacks, you’ll be the only one who can manage such designs in your group! In short, love us! 😛

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