7 Tempting Flavors of Pancakes you Just Can’t Give a Miss!

Pancakes are a type of flat bread or a cake, varied versions of which are enjoyed by cultures all over the world. The recipes of pancakes may vary though the basic ingredients- flour, milk and eggs remain constant. They can be served for breakfast, as a dessert or even a side dish.

“Pancake”- The word props up the image of warm, buttery and fluffy beds of heaven covered in a thick, brown and sugary blanket which would simply melt in mouth and woo you with their scrumptious taste!

Red Velvet Pancake: Don’t you love the Red Velvet Cake? But you just can’t eat it every day, right? So here we have pancake in this same flavor that you can binge upon just about every other day! Yummy flavors of cocoa, buttermilk, vanilla along with cream cheese make this fluffy pancake a must try!Red-velvet-pancakes-with-cream-cheese-glaze.(Recipe: chocolatecoveredkatie)

Strawberry Shortcake Pancake: Everything that looks delicious and beautiful isn’t unhealthy! Trust us; this lush pancake wouldn’t hurt you, even a bit! One bite of this delicious pancake would transport you to the tropical paradise with its exquisite flavors of strawberry and oats along with coconut and vanilla!9a2b9bacb0da48a1e21f11ecad102dd1 (Recipe: chocolatecoveredkatie)

Vegan Banana Pancake: It’s simple, easy and its vegan! For all those who’d like to give the eggs a miss, you surely can’t give this pancake a miss! Banana, vanilla, milk and flour add up to woo you in this amazing recipe! Drizzle some maple syrup or honey and enjoy the heavenly taste! 234058a50d57a11b7192654cdc603ae5(Recipe: chocolatecoveredkatie)

Oatmeal Cookie Pancake: Those who don’t like too much of cream and would love to relish something which is more basic yet filling and amazing at the same time, can try out this Oatmeal cookie pancake! It fetches its exquisite flavors from cinnamon, brown sugar, oats, raisins and vanilla!94360a67f02e40e67af721ec0af16ba5 (Recipe: domesticfits)

Blueberry Pancake: Thick, fluffy and bursting with fresh blueberries! This is the pancake of your dreams! This beauty is luscious, thanks to sour cream, milk, sugar and berries! Top it with some syrup and escape into a world of dreams! 03-057-A-Blueberry-Pancakes-Blueberry-Compote_xl(Recipe: chocolatecoveredkatie)

Peanut Butter Pancake: We love peanut butter, who can’t? Here’s another reason to gorge on some more peanut butter (always game for that)! The creamy peanut butter will simply melt in your mouth and woo you with its delectable flavor! Add to it a handful of choco chips and relish the sinful delight! ee1ea2e7ae37cc9df08ef6a877b04c2b(Recipe: prettysimplesweet)

Cinnamon Roll Pancake: Gluten-free but gives you enough excuses to indulge in gluttony. Yes, it’s the classic pancake boasts of cinnamon, almond milk, gluten-free oat flour and vanilla. Just a bite of it and you shall be left spellbound with its succulent flavor! fc25821c-c5fb-46e3-b498-6a5c7515d595(Recipe: edibleperspective)

“There is hardship in everything, except eating pancakes.”

That’s how you would describe pancakes after you try out these heavenly treats! So go, make one for yourself now!

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