5 Wild ‘n’ Weird  Ice Cream Flavors You (Do Not) Want to Try!

“Ice Cream is happiness condensed.”

I scream, you scream; we all scream for ICE CREAM! There is no greater love than the love for ice cream. Nothing elates the soul more than a bite of sweet, creamy and frozen ice cream swirling on the tongue. A perfect pick to lighten up a gloomy mood, to celebrate a happy moment, as a dessert or just when you feel like binging on some, you don’t really need a reason to eat an ice cream. Right?

The vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors of ice cream are passé. Nowadays, it’s all about being innovative, but innovative to what extent? Errrr…this list would tell you what we mean by “innovative!”

Garlic Ice Cream: You thought that garlic was only used to add flavor to anything but desserts? Think again! Garlic in ice cream is the latest thing! Honey added to those pungent little bulbs…sounds yummy no? So would you consider ordering this on your first date? 😛garlic-ice-cream

Pizza Ice Cream: Pizza lovers, here’s a good news for you! Now you have pizza flavored ice cream! The ingredients are fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and salt. How tempting!coolhaus-pizza-ice-cream-3

Charcoal Ice Cream: Not only does it have the color of charcoal, but it also has the taste of charcoal! This ice cream combines the taste of coal with the cold sensation of ice. We wonder why someone would want to taste charcoal though!Charcoal-Ice-Cream-1024x768

Candied Bacon Ice Cream: Bacon in burgers and sandwiches is fine, but bacon in an ice cream? Really now!  This one is a hit among bacon lovers as it is a combination of egg custard and chopped pieces of crispy bacon, marinated in maple syrup.CandiedBaconIceCream-3-630

Octopus ice cream: Last but not the least we have this special Japanese delicacy which is popular among the locals. Wish to tantalize your taste buds with some tentacles? Then try out this Octopus Ice Cream!enhanced-buzz-16493-1375270399-3

Are you game for these whacky ice creams or have you heard or any other crazy ice cream flavors?

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