Cheeseburger: Desi Style

Burgers have come a long way into being a part of our Indian cuisine. Almost every restaurant’s menu has an Indian version of the American burger. After all, it’s the perfect combination of the Indian masalas and the English bread which add up to a yummy burger!

So every time when you feel like eating a burger, you have to make an effort to go to the restaurant and order one? Well, that’s not going to happen anymore because here we have recipes of some lip smackin’ burgers which you can cook for yourself at home!

  • Spicy Paneer Burger: What’s Indian food without masala? So our masalas obviously had to make their way to the burger too! A unique combination of just the right amount of spices along with a patty of cottage cheese makes this Spicy Paneer Burger a cheesilicious dream! Add to it a dash of the Minty Mayo spread and experience an altogether new style of the desi burger!         big_spicy_paneer_burger__(_burgers_and_smoothies_recipe)-3649
  • The classic Vada Pav: There is nothing that can beat the awesomeness quotient of this desi burger coming straight from the streets of “Amchi Mumbai!”The patty is made of potatoes, besan, green chillis, curry leaves and coriander set in between buns lightly toasted in butter! Add a hint of cheese to this mix and we assure that you will fall in love with this Vada Pav!  What escalates the yummy flavors of the Vada Pav are the two different types of chutneys. The saunth chutney which derives its tangy flavors from masalas like tamarind, ginger, red chill, saunf and jaggery. The green chutney adds a refreshing twist to the sweet-sour flavor of the saunth, with its coriander leaves, garlic, lemon juice and green chili!             vada-pao-3

(For full recipe

  • Grilled Chicken Burger: A one-of-kind combination of chicken, egg, onion, green chilli,ginger, garlic, garam masala, mint, bread crumbs and coriander makes for this divine burger. What’s better? There’s cheese, mayonaisse, onion, tomato and lettuce all set to give your taste buds a delectable treat!bacon_cheese_burger_600x438

(For full recipe

  • Egg Cheese Burger: A simple yet delectable recipe, this burger would fulfil all your cheesy dreams;) garlic, chilli and mustard paste along with egg, mayonnaise cheddar cheese and black pepper would definitely make up for a cheese burger craving in the fastest way possible!20130604-254663-bonvivant-burger-above

(For full recipe

Binge on these lovely delights and celebrate Cheeseburger Day the desi way!

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