5 Chocolate Milkshake Recipes you’d Love to Try

“When life gives you chocolates, do not pretend you are on a diet.”

 And why would you when you have 5 different types of lip-smacking chocolate milkshakes to guzzle down?

Ever heard of a hot chocolate milkshake or wondered how ingredients of a vegan milkshake are put together to perfection? This post is guaranteed to boost your chocolate cravings exponentially! Read further at your own risk 😉

The Basic Chocolate Milkshake:

This recipe calls for all the chocolate fanatics and sweet-tooth enthusiasts. A simple and quick one which is perfect for every occasion! choc-milkshae-1(Source: blendtec)

The Hot Chocolate Milkshake:

Yeah, that might sound like an oxymoron to you but this does exist! So this one’s perfect for a rainy day or to warm up those chilly winter nights. hot chocolate milkshake(Source: hungryforever)

 The Mexican Style Milkshake:

This milkshake comes with a hint of Mexicano! The ingredients are different and so is the taste. Chocolate lovers, you just can’t afford to miss this one! mexican style milkshake(Source: hungryforever)

The Vegan Chocolate Milkshake:

And for the health conscious soul in you, we have a special vegan chocolate milkshake recipe for you which has minimum 70% cocoa content. vegan milkshake(Source:  simpleveganblog)

The Chocolate- Chocolate Milkshake:

Oodles of chocolate in this one!  So it becomes the best answer to all your chocolate cravings. If you are a hard core chocoholic, this shake is meant just for you! choco-chocomilkshake(Source:  hungryforever)

Did these milkshakes transport you to a chocolatey world? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go grab those ingredients and fulfil all your chocolate dreams now because it’s Chocolate Milkshake Day!   

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