After Party Clean Up Hacks

       “Best defence is a good offence”

Before we dive into the after party cleaning hacks, let’s get first things first. Best way to avoid a lengthy clean up routine is to prepare yourself for the odds before the party starts. Start the prep for the after party clean up much before.
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The before –

  • Keep garbage can/ bins handy, everywhere. Just enough to not give your guests a feeling of reaching a party themed ‘Trash’.
  • Keep your kitchen clean with sink empty and the slabs spic and span. That ways you will have space enough to handle the after party mess.
  • Opting for disposables as the official party utensils would be the way to go.
  • Don’t forget to assign an area for the food and drinks for the party. Not only will it become convenient for the people who come over but also yourself.
  • Place things like bins, paper towels and coasters in plain sight to subtly encourage your guests to use them. To clean up a spill right when it happens will prove to be quite smart as well, trust us!
  • Without being pushy, try to shift the party outdoors if possible. For grass is much easier to clean than the carpet.

Now, the party is over and comes the dreaded cleaning. Like they say, ‘everyone wants a revolution but no one wants to do the dishes!’ Get the drift?

We know parties can go on and on to the wilder side of things but when it’s your place … trashed. You feel the pain, don’t you? But should it only be you, gather up your close buds and get after them all to help you clean up the whirlpool of a mess!

Together, all of you will be able to finish the entire cleaning regime much sooner than otherwise. Don’t wait till the next day to clean up because then the cleaning is bound to never happen (gross situation BTW). Get right down to it the moment your friends leave and the party (and after party) has officially ended.

The only thing better than a fun party is the quick clean up!

The after –

  • If you have broken bottles/ glasses just strewn about, worry not. Just tip toe around the area while you sweep/ vacuum it all up. Still unsure of the tiny bits of glass? Just grab a piece of bread and dab it around the area of the ‘incident’, it’ll pick up any shards lying around.BaltimoreBrokenBottles
  • If your guests ‘accidently’ leave a gum sticking to your furniture/ walls. Just make a mental note of maybe not inviting them over again and grab an ice cube. Use the cube to freeze the gum by applying to it. The gum will come right off once hardened.
  • Empty half-filled glasses and cups in the kitchen sink? Toss out plastic and paper (to recycling!). Set the glasses on the counter. Do the same with plates and utensils.shutterstock_122666467

  • Gather up the garbage in plastic bags starting in outer rooms and working your way toward the kitchen, so that you centralize the clutter there. Take garbage out as soon as bags are filled and tied, to prevent accidental leaks and odours.

  • If you don’t have any stain removing liquid around, you can also try beer. Yes, you read that right! Rubbing a little bit of beer on a rug can lift the stain off.Clean carpet

  • When the dishes are done, the floors swept and the house quiet, time to kick your feet up and give yourself a rather proud pat on the back in the form of a huge slice of cake/ pizza or one of your signature drinks. In fact, make it a double!shutterstock_291397052


  • After a night or an entire day of ‘high spirits’ you will need some sustenance, eat an egg sandwich on white bread. Experts believe cysteine, an amino acid in eggs helps break down acetaldehyde, a toxin produced when alcohol is in the liver which can contribute to a hangover. So that’s up for fixing as well!

So here’s all that you will need to engrave in your mind in order to have a fun yet less problematic (for you, if at your crib) party.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

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