Spend Your Day the Tricolor way!

Its celebration time folks! 15thAugust is a special day for the country and wouldn’t we love to celebrate it in an even special way? So we thought of unique ways in which you could sport the tricolor and show your love for the country. Here are some exciting ways how you could spend this I-Day:

Tricolor Nail Art: We love painting our nails in different colors, why not paint them in the shades of the tricolor? So liven up your nails with the colors of the Indian flag! You don’t even need to go to the salon to get this one done! All you need is nail lacquer in the hues of the flag and paint your nails in different styles of the tricolor! You could use your imagination or look up various sites on the internet to get different styles and designs.


Tricolor Pasta: We don’t quite need a reason to gorge on some pasta so let’s make this special occasion an appetizing one with a delightful Tricolor Pasta! Pasta in three separate flavors- Red Pepper Pesto, Basil Pesto and Cheese Sauce will give your Independence Day a yummy twist! Cook the three different sauces and mix the penne pasta in it. Present it in the style of the tricolor and enjoy the Italian treat!

(Source: foodaholics.in)


Tricolor Cheesecake: The thought of cheese and that too in a cake makes everyone’s mouth water and this heavenly cheesecake would simply melt in your mouth and leave you asking for more! The cake is not just tricolor but it also has three different flavors of orange, vanilla and banana! Indulge in a delectable treat!

(Source: zestyflavors.com)


Tricolor Trifle: Pamper your taste buds with thick layers of cream, vanilla custard, zesty lime jelly and orange! Sounds like a dream? A sure shot treat for the taste buds!

(Source: ablueskyblog.com)


Tricolor Eye Makeup: It’s important to look pretty on a special day, isn’t it? And what better occasion to show off your tricolor makeup than Independence Day! Use green, saffron and white eye shadow on the upper eye lid. Line the upper and inner waterline with blue eyeliner. Voila! You’re all ready to be the head-turner of the I-Day party!

(Source: indiatvnews.com)tricolour-make-up

What are you waiting for? Celebrate this momentous day in these fun ways and have a Happy Independence Day!

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