7 Things to do with Leftover Bread

Bread is an extremely versatile food ingredient.The staple bread -butter and bread croutons in soup is everyone’s favorite. Lets not forget our bread pakoras and sandwiches. Kids also enjoy eating bread but at times we are left with a few bread slices or sides and we just don’t know what to do with them. Eventually, they just tend to get wasted. How about some yummy recipes that would help you use up the leftover bread and leave a smile on your face? Here are some exciting new recipes with leftover bread slices:

1) Chocolate Bread Parfaits: This delightful recipe involves the yummiest of all ingredients. There’s chocolate which would melt in your mouth, topped with classic vanilla accompanied by the leftover bread. All ingredients combined, this recipe comes straight from the menus of Italy! You could go all out and add some fun ingredients like cashew nuts, tutti-fruity and almonds!


2) Shahi Tukda: Literally meaning “The Royal Piece”, this traditional Indian sweet will certainly give you a taste of royalty. Golden brown bread deep fried in desi ghee dipped in thick cream gives a heavenly taste. Delectable flavorsand aroma of rose water, saffron and cardamom add to the piquant flavor of this recipe. Add pistachios to this heavenly ‘tukda’ to give it an even more royal flavor!

3) Bread Sticks: The easiest of all is the bread sticks recipes. Roll in melted butter and brown the bread sticks delicately in the oven. Serve with some delicious cheese dip. This can be used as an alternative to crackers.


4) Quick Bread Omelette: Smooth white sauce poured over hot bread pieces which have been lightly toasted…feels like a dream world in itself! Add some seasoning to it and relish the amazing taste of eggs, white sauce and seasoning!


5) Bread Upma: This recipe can be made in the microwave too hence it is a quick to cook one! It’s a twist to the upma and is full of onions, tomatoes and green chillies. Lemon, ginger, coriander, curry leaves and mustard seeds will add exquisite flavors to this dish!

bread upma_0

6) Crispy Bread Cups: Serve as a snack or an appetizer, this enticing and wholesome bread delight is full of nutrition and taste. Rich in veggies like corn, onion and capsicum this is definitely a sumptuous treat for the taste buds! Remove bread crusts and steam them in a muslin cloth. Roll these slices and place them in muffin moulds for baking in the oven. Saute all the veggies, add salt to taste and fill in the cups with this yummy mixture!

bread cups

7) Cherry Pudding: This pudding is the most different from rest of the puddings you’ve ever had. Mix flour, bread crumbs, salt, sugar and baking powder together. Next, add the beaten egg and milk into the dry materials, topping the mixture with some cherries. Bake for half an hour and enjoy with tempting vanilla sauce! Garnish with crunchy chocochips and enjoy the delectable treat!


You ought to try these scrumptious treats at home and use up all those leftover bread loaves in the most efficient manner! These mouthwatering indulgences will just increase your love for the humble bread.

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