6 Tips For Growing Your Beard Faster

The “manly man” sports the beard, so did the kings and the leader of the tribe.

 The grungy look is totally “in” these days and even you wish to don that grubby avatar. But what pulls you down from becoming the trendsetter is the idea that your beard isn’t growing fast!

 There can be multiple reasons that can hinder the growth of your much-loved facial hair like stress, hormones or a bad diet. If you wish to sport an unkempt, grubby and bushy beard, then follow these simple tips and be the “macho man!”

1) Reduce the stress: In this fast-paced life, getting time to relax is a big thing. Quite surprisingly, we make time for just about everything in life but for the “me time” which in every way is essential. We skip that and choose to push ourselves harder day in and out. As a result, our body responds negatively and the consequences show up in no time. This also affects hair growth.  Lessen stress levels and see the difference for yourself.

2) Drop that Razor: You must have heard the myth- the more you shave your hair, the more they’ll grow. No, using the razor does not help in any way for growing facial hair. Instead, give your hair at least four full weeks to grow completely without shaving even once. Do not consider trimming it or leveling it because that would come be the ultimate deal breaker.Razor

3) Eat the Right Food: Nutrients are extremely important for hair to grow. Incorporate foods rich in Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, C and E in your diet. Carrots, nuts, leafy vegetables, beans and broccoli are full of nutrition and add to hair growth. Eggs, avocados, chicken and fish are also important for thickening the hair.

4) Get Some More Shut Eye: Every individual should sleep for an average of 8 to 9 hours. If you’re not getting enough sleep time, the body is not able to function properly. Sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate lost cells and this is the time when hair tends to grow so increase your sleep time and ensure that you get some quality sleep!

5) Sweat it Out: Exercise plays an important role in maintaining the bodily functions. When you exercise, the body increases the testosterone levels. This also heightens the blood circulation which is necessary for hair follicles as blood supplies the essential nutrients and initiates hair growth.140808_exercise

6) Kick the Butt: If you took that quite literally, then think again. It’s cutting down on your cigarettes and nicotine levels that would do you good. Nicotine reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients which are required for your hair follicles to grow. Smoking not only affects the immune system but it also constricts blood vessels consequently preventing blood from going to where it needs to.quit-smoking-benefits

Try these tips and make your manly mane grow in order to look dapper at all times!

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