5 Recipes Using Oats

Oats are a very healthy option for breakfast and full meals. They help improve digestion with their fiber and eliminate bad cholesterol from the body.  Moreover, they also boost energy. Some people find the oats and milk combination boring. Here we have new ways to spice up your breakfast regime and make it more exciting and healthy at the same time!

1) Lemon Oats: Similar to lemon rice recipe, this dish is quick to cook and very tasty. With a dash of lemon and some crunchy green chillies, Lemon Oats is one of the healthiest breakfast options available on the menu. Add peanuts to the oats and make it even more delicious!lemon rice

2) Oats Vegetable Roti: Tired of eating paranthas and rotis for breakfast? Try eating these sumptuous oats vegetable rotis for a change! Stuffed with healthy veggies like carrots, chillies, ginger and onion along with gram flour, wheat flour and oats; there’s nothing that can beat the health quotient of this recipe! Relish with butter or pickle.oats-roti

3) Oats Dosa: Dosas are already quite a healthy option for breakfast but to make them healthier, you can add a mixture of finely powdered oats. Roast oats till color changes significantly and you can smell a nutty aroma. After it cools down, powder it finely and continue the process of cooking a dosa.oats-dosa-sandesh-001

4) Oats Payasam:  Payasam with a healthy twist. Add cinnamon powder and rose water to boiling milk. Next add oats and diced dates to this along with sugar. Top it with some crunchy almonds and you have your payasam ready!payasam

5) Oats Idli: Idlis are very low on calorie food option since they are steamed. Now, you can make them even healthier with oats as the base. Add grated carrots to the base and temper them with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, grated coconut, ginger and black pepper. Eat with tomato sauce or the traditional coconut chutney!Instant_Oats_Idli_thumbnail_1280x800

Go for the healthier option; incorporate oats in your daily diet. Using these new recipes you can add oats in your everyday routine and experience taste and health at the same time!

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