10 Types Of Friend Everybody Has

Friends. The word has a list of memories attached to it.

 We laugh with them, irritate them, have fun with them. They offer us  a helping hand when we are in need and it’s the same set of friends which plays a prank on us and leaves no stone unturned to embarrass us. We love hanging out with our friends-we go out for endless coffee sessions, lunches and dinners. We indulge in conversations that last for an eternity.

Amidst so many friends and friend lists, one can actually pick out specific kind of friends that almost all of us have in our group. Read on to find out which all types of friends do you have!

1) The Foodie: This one is a classic. You have different synonyms to address him with and he’s hungry in every five minutes. He’ll gobble up everything that you offer or even if you don’t offer. He’s there to eat everything and anything. You go out for a trip, you are looking forward to the scenic beauty but he’s got food on his mind with his brain scanning and mapping places where he could go to binge.

2) The P.J. Queen: So there’s this kinda friend who ought to make every situation hilarious. She’s full of jokes for every hour of the day. She cracks a joke and expects everyone to laugh and so does everybody follow, only to realize the sheer nonsense that was behind it.

3) The Philosopher: This friend is full of worldly knowledge. No, it’s not about General Knowledge here, we are talking of relationship advice-on how to handle people, how to get that chick, how to deal with xyz people, what to expect from a guy in a relationship etc. The philosopher is extremely experienced and full of “worldly knowledge”, the “gyaan” that is professed every now and then. Let’s admit it, all advices are quite useful.

4) The Ditcher: You’re all excited for a group outing on the weekend that you have planned over the weeks. Everyone shows up except for this friend. So you call and keep calling only to get the answer, “Sorry guys I wouldn’t be able to make it this time.” End of story. There goes your “plan.”

5) The Cute Friend:  We all have this friend whom we secretly like. You like the way s/he dresses, how s/he styles her hair, how the dimple makes her look adorable, the way s/he talks makes her even more cute. You want to take her out sans the group but you just can’t garner the spirit to.

6) The Adventure Lover: This friend is always all set to experience something new and exciting. He’ll prefer taking a trek over a car ride; ask you for biking on hilly roads, the stunt man never fails to risk his life just for the sake of adventure!

7) The Lost Case: You make a full fledged plan or narrate an entire story to the whole group but there’s gonna be this friend who’ll be perpetually lost, day-dreaming thinking about the most random things on the menu. You can expect weird, out-of- the blues questions from him blurted at just about any time of the day.

8)The Miser: When you decide to pay equal shares on a lunch, dinner or treat, this friend will be the back-stabber and make you pay for him. Excuses like, “Dude, I’m broke”, “I forgot my wallet at home” or “My dog took the bills to be food so he chewed them” are very common ideas this friend blurts at the right moment.

9) The Challenger: One characteristic we always underestimate in the friend who looks tiny is the ability to challenge-probably, just about everyone. He’s all set to take on a fight with people double his size and quite shockingly emerges as the winner. Nobody messes with this dude.

10) The Braggart: So, s/he be like, “You know when I was in Paris”, “When dad bought me the Merc  on my 16th birthday”or “ Yesterday my boyfriend surprised me with a Chanel bag”. This friend can exaggerate to the core and still make a face like everything is so normal and cool.

Friends are life. They are the ones whom we can count upon. Make them feel special by doing something even more special this Friendship’s Day. Here’s wishing you a Happy Friendship Day!

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