10 Snacks for Your Monsoon Cravings

Monsoon is the perfect time to feast upon finger-licking delicacies that we prefer to avoid otherwise because of our diet charts and work-out regimes. The heavy downpour awakens the inner child in you which demands you to be out in the open, enjoying the rains. While you are having fun in the monsoon, the best way to treat yourself is by cooking delicious food for yourself and your family. Here are 10 lip-smacking snacks you ought to try!

1) Punjabi Samosa: This was the obvious pick which had to top our hitlist. There is nothing that can beat a Samosa and chutney coupled with its best-friend “Chai”.

Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tab tak rahega monsoon mein fun chalu!


2) Onion Rings & Coconut Chutney: Crunchy aromatic onion rings accompanied with the yummy coconut chutney dip is the perfect snack to eat when it’s pouring outside!


3) Matar Ki Chaat: The piquant chaat leaves your tongue wanting for more with it’s delectable flavors. The assorted color combination is super appealing to the eye.

matar chaat

4) Aloo Cheese Balls: The humble aloo and cheese makes a superb combination with its golden-brown color and the perfect crunchy bite, your kids will love this one especially with all the cheese simply melting in your mouth!

cheese balls

5) Namak Paare: Namkeens plus coffee/tea is another all time favourite snack for monsoons. What better opportunity to ditch the commercial products and cook yourself some amazing namkeen at home!

namak paare

6) French Fries: There’s nothing quite French about frying these potato juliennes but just a  different way of serving the potato, this snack is an easy and fast to cook choice. Tastes best with tomato ketchup!

french fries

7) Raj Kachori: the ‘king’ of The fried flour patties are filled to the brim with potatoes, a wide range of masalas and flavorful chutneys. Its for those with a good appetite because it’s quite heavy, thanks to the layers and layers of the basic ingredients all together presented to you as one snack.

Raj Kachori

8) Stuffed Bread Pakora: Bread dipped in healthy gram flour, stuffed with paneer and veggies then fried to perfection makes monsoon even more memorable! Enjoy with green chutney and tomato ketchup.

Bread pakora

9) Aloo & Dal ki Tikki: This snack is just heavenly. Hot tikkis straight of from the tawa gives the taste buds  a joyride as you bite into sheer awesomeness! The crispy dal and the soft potatoes makes a delightful combination! This can also be eaten with ketchup and chutney.

aloo dal tikki

10) Paneer Cutlets: Last but not the least, cottage cheese is a must for all the vegetarians! Cutlets, which are deep fried can be served with tea or coffee along with dips of various kinds.

Panner cutlets

Enjoy this beautiful monsoon season with these appetizing snacks. Bring the best of the season together-the shimmering rains and the savory food along with your loved ones!

Happy snackin’!

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