5 Easy-To-Make Mexican Dishes

“Life without Mexican food is like no life at all”

Mexican cuisine is mainly a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with European and Spanish elements with staple foods like corns, beans and chilly peppers. If you love trying out international cuisines, then here we have a list of some amazingly mouth-watering recipes to help give your taste buds a joyride!

1) Chicken & Mushroom Tacos: If there are three words to describe this one, we’d say: easy, delicious and healthy. Try this one at home and experience the Mexicano feel straight at home.


See the full recipe here

2) Mexican Pasta Salad: Healthy veggies, pasta and cheese- an altogether sumptuous dish! This one is also quick, easy and refreshing: an ideal treat for dinner-time.


See the full recipe here

3) Potato, Egg & Cheese Burrito: A perfect fit for breakfast, this dish can be relished with pickled jalapenos and carrots. Downright simple yet super-awesome!


See the full recipe here

4) Rice Cooker Mexican Rice: If you need a great side dish for dinner and do not want all that hassle, then this dish is the best pick for you. Adding all the ingredients to the cooker and voila! Ready to eat!

See the full Recipe here

5) Mexican Chorizo Hash: A classic breakfast-for-dinner recipe which has amazing flavors. It can also be served with corn tortillas and mimosas for additional taste.


See the full recipe here

Try something new and exquisite this season! Go international on your cuisine choice once and fall in love with these Mexican dishes!

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