Amazing DIY Ways to Redo Your House with Old Tyres

We all dispose off the old worn out tyres by throwing them in the dump or just letting them be in the backyard. Ever wondered if that junk could actually help in making your home look prettier? Here we have a series of unique yet simple ways to re-use those useless tyres.

1) Sitting Stool: Take an old tyre and paint in the colour of your choice. Place a hard bound board in the centre and fix a cushion on top of that. Do these in multiple shades and plush furniture for your lounge or drawing room is ready! You could even keep them outdoor and make your space more elegant and organized! One can also make a set of three or four and use them around a table.


2) Tyre Mirror Frame: All you need is a bicycle tyre and a mirror for this one. Paint the tyre in an attractive colour. Now fix the mirror inside the cavity of the tyre. Decorate with sequins or ribbons for more beauty. And there you go with a fabulous new mirror for your home! A number of these together would give your boring walls an appealing twist.upcycled-tires-recycling-ideas-interior-design-3__605

3) Swanky Coffee Table: Paint the tyre in a metallic colour. Cover the top with a round glass. Stack two or three tyres on top of one, to add height. Place your favorite vase on it or carry on endless conversations over a cuppa with your bff!upcycled-tires-recycling-ideas-interior-design-9__605

4) Tyre Planter: This one will enhance the beauty of your garden even more! Just take an old tyre and paint it in bright hues..Now, fill  soil in the cavity and plant a flowering shrub or a small herb. Additionally, you can also hang the tyre to a wall or simply let it be on the ground. You can make a trail of planters in the same way and give your garden a revamped look!


5) Cute Polka Dotted Swing: Take an old tyre and paint polka dots on it. Fix chains to this and hang it to a strong ceiling or a tree branch. A chic swing is now ready for your tiny tots!


We should encourage the use of recycling old tyres because they are slow to decompose. However,  the positive aspect of their longevity can be used in making a number of different and creative things!

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