10 Times Amul Ads Struck The Right Chord

Amul baby was created in 1965 by Sylvester daCunha and Eustace Fernandes. Since then, the chubby Amul girl sporting a polka dotted frock has never failed to entertain us. Her take on topics are extremely witty, cute & absolutely unapologetic.

Be it politics or be it bollywood,  the Amul baby always has a point to make which leaves you with a smile on your face. Here are some of our favourite ads that have become totally memorable: 

1) When First time Ladies’ special was introduced in the Mumbai locals.


2) When Kiran bedi JOINED Politicsa29

3) When Smriti Irani’s decision made some news.


4) When Maria Sharapova said, “Who Sachin”?


5) When Hindustan’s Ambassador production came to an end.


6) When NAMO became Prime Minister Of Indiaa40

7) When Rahul Gandhi was interviewed by Mr. Goswamia44

8) When everybody was searching for Veerappanvirappan

9) When AIB created buzz


10) When India lost in the Olympicsolympics

(Source: All images sourced from AMUL)

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