How to take good care of your hair this monsoon

The amusing rhythm of falling rain, mushy drizzles, cool wind blows all gives us a whiff that “ the season of romance – Monsoon”, is round the corner. With all the love in the air it is one of the promising times of the year to look your best and cast the spell of your charm on your partner. However, the mizzling season is all not rosy and come with some thorns that might poke you.

One of the most gloomy monsoon blues is taking care of your tresses. Yes, there can be no denying the fact that we all love our long, shiny and lustrous locks. However, with the first drizzle of the season what gives nightmare to most of the fashionistas and hunks is the count of falling hair. The idea or thought of getting wet in the rain with your partner or friends sounds romantic and fun, but it is also a reason of most of the hair woes.

An evening date is in your planner, a lavish party is on the cards or wedding bells are ringing for you, you need your mane to look glamorous, sparkling and radiant. So, here is how you can take care of your hair all throughout the monsoon season.

Say no to Hair styling products – To make that unforgettable first expression, Hair styling products become your hope to look the best. But, in the drizzling season it is prudent to minimize the use of these products. Excessive humidity and harmful chemicals blended together can make your hair excessively oily or dryer

Use a Mild shampoo  – It is true that branded and expensive shampoos will make you feel good about yourself, but using a mild shampoo in the rainy season is the secret to strong and shiny tresses. If you have an oily scalp or wish to add volume to your hair, then shampooing daily is the right thing to do.shampoo and hand

Regular Conditioning  – The elevated levels of humidity can make your hair coarse and dry, which results in frizzy hair. Conditioning regularly is vital to maintain and balance the nourishment of your hair.conditioner

Plan your diet – Not only your body needs protein, but your hair also needs the daily dose of nourishment. So, to flaunt your long and lustrous tresses, you must eat protein rich foods such as salmons, eggs, carrots, whole grains, dark green veggies, kidney beans, nuts, low fats and dairy products.Superfoods_20To_20Prevent_20Hair_20Loss

So, don’t let your monsoon craziness fade away because of the hair loss wariness. Rain makes everything look beautiful and is also the perfect time to flaunt your shiny, lustrous and dazzling tresses and enjoy the monsoon bliss!

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